What decision will I make?

A friend and reader sent me this email.

He asked the following question. “What kind of decision do you plan to make?” and sent me a link to Senator Ben Sasse’s article.

Two Kinds of Voting, Two Kinds of Disruption, and Two Kinds of Unrighteousness

I invite you to read it. I found it to be a the kind of thinking I went though when I switched from being a Democrat to a Republican. I wanted to be “high-minded.” (If you are a Democrat, I hope you will go through the same “thinking” I did and “switch.”)

According to Sasse, “the act of voting is… a civic duty that tells people what we think America means,” and not “just a matter of ‘choosing the lesser of two evils.'” Many Republicans are sick of Washington politics and want to see a major disruption to “the establishment” – count me among them (Sasse concurs). But the Senator wants us to contemplate “exactly why do we want to disrupt (Washington).” He instructs us that our republic — ”a form of government where ‘we the people’ ultimately rule — depends upon virtue.”

Don’t I wish there was a semblance of truth in his desires for the voting pubic. Indeed, I do. However, and sadly, Sasse is wrong. Voting is invariably picking the lesser of two evils. For it not to be, the candidates would need to be angels selected by the Creator.

Let’s make a bet. I’ll bet that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. Trump was not my first pick among the 17 Republican candidates. If Republicans “stay home” or “vote for a ‘write in’” or vote for “a libertarian” then Hillary Clinton will be our next president. She may well be our next president even if every Republican goes to the polls and votes for Trump. But, at least, in the latter circumstance, it will not be because WE ARE STUPID!

My friends, we are in a “lesser of two evils” world. Do I prefer it. No. Do I wish I could change it with my vote. Yes. And prehaps Noah made a mistake when he decided that the weight of animals on the Ark was too great and decided to toss off the two unicorns.

Roy Filly

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