Trump scorecard.

As the Republican National Convention inches toward us and the strange political contest between Donald and Hillary careens in many directions, it is time to take stock of my candidate.

First, do I think service in Washington prepares a candidate for the White House. I certainly used to think so, but as I grow older I see Washington as a “club” that doesn’t want any “rule changes.” But do they ever seem to need “rule changes.” The Donald, if elected, will be the first president to assume office without having held a political or Cabinet office or a high military rank. He won’t just “change the rules,” he’ll kick the table over! He does, however, seem to know about BUSINESS while the present administration knows zilch about business – indeed, this is the most anti-business administration since I started voting.

Hillary campaigns on being a “steady force” and will continue or expand many Obama policies: Obamacare (hate it!), lax immigration policy (hate it!), expand the welfare state (hate it!), increase the size and scope of government (hate it!), intrusion into the energy business (hate it!), belief in “global warming” as a reason to intervene in even the most mundane aspects of American life (hate it!), belief in an “activist” judiciary (really hate it!). Mr. Trump is largely against these policies.

True, Mr. Trump is “not a consistent conservative” (one of the most commonly heard pronouncements against Mr. Trump from… well, let’s call them “his constituency”). If you hadn’t noticed from reading my previous 1600 posts, neither am I. In fact, I don’t know any “consistent conservatives.” So, I prefer someone who is “mostly conservative” over any left-wing liberal.

Mr. Trump’s trade policies have a populist bent. I am a free-trader. However, when The Donald says that we get screwed in every “free trade” deal, I concur and believe he can – and will – negotiate better deals. When it comes to “economies” the USA is the gorilla in the room. We should be able to negotiate better trade agreements.

Trump is willing to entertain a higher minimum wage. There we part company. Minimum wage laws hurt more than help.

[Source: Your Handy Guide to Evaluating Trump Criticism, by Mark Davis]

[From the Davis article] “He doesn’t like Hispanics/women/fill in the blank.” The attempt to portray Trump as a racist or misogynist fails on its face. It is a slander leveled by people who know he is likely to fare better with Latinos in November than Mitt Romney did in 2012 (27 percent). I’d love to send this year’s entire seventeen-strong GOP field through the streets of South Brooklyn. Precisely one would get waves of appreciative welcome, and it’s not either of our candidates who were actual Hispanics.

Admittedly, Hillary has one more X-chromosome than Trump and that will go a long way to helping her with the women’s vote. But strong, self-reliant women are pervasive among Trump supporters, and there is not a whiff of mistreatment of women in his business history. The accusation of romantic mistreatment of women fell flat on its face when the “mistreated women” came to his defense (did Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, etc., etc., come to Bill’s defense?). By contrast, Hillary has gone after the women who were defiled by her husband tooth and nail. The facts won’t change the vote of many women, but, as for my vote, I believe Mr. Trump to be a better choice for women’s rights – which I strongly support.

He’s not an evangelical Christian. Wow! Is that where the Republican Party stands? Either believe what I believe or I’ll stay home and lick my wounds! But what governmental actions are killing the beliefs of Christians and the Christian underpinnings of the American way of life? That answer is simple. Political correctness, microaggressions, and “safe spaces.” Can’t say “Christmas,” take the 10 Commandments out of government buildings, no “crosses” on government logos… I am not as religious as I once was, but I HATE THESE “politically correct” intrusions by ATHEISTS!!!!!!!! My candidate is these least “politically correct” candidate since my first vote! Hallelujah!

The GOP field of 17-candidates boasted many actual evangelicals, one of whom started as an evangelical minister. Can’t remember who that was? That’s because he was out of the race before it began. What Christianity needs most urgently right now— blast through the suffocating political correctness that seeks to strangle our religious freedoms every day.

Mr. Trump is “unpresidential.” That is most certainly true. He’s brash, aggressive, and has a case of “foot in mouth” disease. He is not a seasoned politician. But I have been keeping score, and his missteps are diminishing at a rapid pace. He is a smart guy and will find a balance between “brash” and “stupid.”

[From the Davis article] “He doesn’t have any core values.” Have you listened to the man? Here are ten off the bat: stronger borders, blasting political correctness, leveling the trade playing field, rebuilding the military, taking better care of veterans, protecting gun rights, creating jobs, speaking truth to global jihad, and the broadly stated but resonant “make America great again.”

He loves to win and he wants to apply his talents (his drive) to running the country. His agenda is:

I like what he said.

Roy Filly




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One Response to Trump scorecard.

  1. Flayer says:

    I tend to prefer men of faith – but the true standard is would that person respect and protect all citizens’ and MY freedom of religious expression, or not? A Muslim of faith would likely not (I’m Jewish). The fact that Trump is not an evangelical Christian is a problem only to the Democrats who are attempting AGAIN to hold us to standards they don’t have. Notice that the “not an Evangelical Christian” point is always brought up by a liberal, atheistic Democrat, not actual Evangelicals.

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