If Trump wins.

As I have said many times, this particular presidential contest is truly unlike any other. If Hillary wins she will be the first woman president. I would welcome a woman president – JUST NOT HER!

If Trump wins he will be the first president to assume office without having held a political or Cabinet office or a high military rank. At this point in the history of our nation, I welcome that.

[Source: Politics, Not Personalities, Will Likely Determine Presidential Election, by Victor Davis Hanson]

Most of Trump’s missteps can be attributed to his lack of political savvy. But recall that Barack Obama (very politically savvy) make missteps. as well. Some were equally crude when compared to Mr. Trump. [From the Hanson article] Obama scoffed that his own grandmother was a “typical white person,” called on his supporters to “get in the face” of his opponents, invoked a variation of the phrase “bring a gun to a knife fight” in an attempt to fire up supporters during his first presidential campaign, and compared his own bad bowling to the supposed competition level of the Special Olympics.

Guess what? He won anyway.

Clinton is a highly seasoned politician and Trump is an amateur, by comparison. But what will matter on election day is that these two have very different visions for the direction our nation should take.

While I would agree that Trump is not a “true conservative,” he is far more conservative than Hillary Clinton. Neither is a “centrist.”

[From the Hanson article] Trump is a Jacksonian nationalist who likely would choose America’s friends and enemies solely on the basis of perceived national interests. Clinton presumably would continue Obama’s lead-from-behind foreign policy. Trump would be blunt about the connection between terrorism and radical Islam. Clinton likely would mimic Obama’s policy of not referring to Islam at all in such a context.

Trump probably would revise the tax code and lower taxes, cut back on government regulation and seek business-orientated solutions to the economy. Clinton likely would raise taxes on the upper income brackets and expand government in continuance of the Obama tradition.

Chances are that Trump would cut overall spending but increase defense expenditures. Clinton probably would expand entitlements and limit military spending to past norms.

Trump presumably would make good on his promise to close the border to illegal immigration by building a wall at the border and would also probably end sanctuary cities. Clinton likely would maintain the Obama administration’s lax immigration policies and offer formal amnesties.

Clinton seems to believe that the government must act radically to curb global warming. Trump seemingly is not sure that man-caused warming is an existential threat worth drastically altering the economy to address.

Trump likely would oppose further gun control and follow a National Rifle Association agenda. Clinton would almost surely double down on the Obama administration’s efforts to make gun ownership more difficult.

On the Supreme Court, Clinton undoubtedly would appoint more justices like progressive jurists Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Trump probably would try to steer the court in the conservative direction of justices such as Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas.

In general, if voters are content with the current foreign, economic, social and cultural policies of the Obama administration, then the progressive convert Clinton would likely ensure that those policies continue for at least four more years.

If, on the other hand, a voter feels Obama has been, in the words of Trump, a “disaster,” then professed conservative Trump would represent a shift in the opposite direction.

I know what I think of this comparison. I have made my choice. How about you?

Roy Filly



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