What must those Marines be thinking?

It was “big news.” And the Obama administration was “so proud.” Please, God, let the “Obama administration” end as soon as possible!

What are you gibbering about, Dr. Filly, ask you? I’m “gibbering” about the recent “fall” of Fallujah to “coalition” forces, answer I. I keep wondering what the US marines who fought to liberate Fallujah in 2004 must be thinking about a President who let it all go for naught resulting in a need to do it all again ten years later! It doesn’t take a genius to imagine them mourning their lost brothers, empathizing with their fellow marines that returned missing a limb, or wondering if their nightmares (PTSD) weren’t pissed away by an incompetent Commander-in-Chief – our “peacemaker,” our “war-ending” President. When was the last time the world was in this state of chaos?

Operation Phantom Fury was a joint American and British (one of our few steadfast friends) – and, of course, some Iraqis –  offensive in November and December 2004. It was led by U.S. marines. These brave marines and soldiers engaged in the bloodiest urban fighting since World War II:

Regimental Combat Team 7 (RCT-7) built around the 7th Marine Regiment:
  • 1st Battalion 3rd Marines
  • 1st Battalion 8th Marines
  • Task Force 2-2
  • 1st Battalion 12th Marines – Battery “C” (Artillery)
  • F Troop, 4th Cavalry, 3rd Brigade Reconnaissance Troop, 1st Infantry Division (U.S. Army)

[Source: Living with the Islamic State, from Stratfor and republished by Scott Stewart]

The U.S. military had to twice invade Fallujah to wrest it from the jihadists controlling it. At the time the jihadists were members of al Qaeda in Iraq. ISIS began with the Sunni beheading of the madman Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq. It then morphed into the Islamic State of Iraq and currently into the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

More than any other event, the fall of Fallujah was the point at which Americans believed we had won the Iraq War, proved the value of the Surge, and hailed David Petraeus as an American hero. (You remember Petraeus – had to plead guilty for having a couple of top secret documents locked in his desk – inference is for you to make.)

ISIS seized Fallujah in January 2014 and shortly thereafter swept into Mosul. It then “declared” that it had reestablished the Islamic Caliphate. Our fearless President actually thinks Guantanamo is the most important “recruiting tool” for ISIS. (It, of course, MUST BE CLOSED even if it means releasing some of the most dangerous jihadists on Planet Earth!) By comparison reestablishing the Islamic Caliphate was, to his thinking, far less attractive to would-be jihadists.

Followers of Islam eventually wake up to the fact that the leaders of ISIS “are not nice guys.” At first, the people of Fallujah welcomed the jihadists as allies who could help them resist the oppressive policies of the Shiite-led government in Baghdad. But the past two-and-a-half-years of Islamic State rule seem to have changed their perception of the group. The Islamist “utopia” is falling flat in the face of reality.

[From Stratfor] … the Islamic State’s promises of a fair, just and prosperous society ruled by Sharia principles sound attractive. But in practice, those under the group’s thumb have found themselves subject to severe and capricious regulations enforced by a cadre of sadistic and rapacious sociopaths.

ISIS abused and killed numerous, uncounted members of Anbar Province’s Sunni tribesmen.

Utopianism is what progressive/statist/altruists promise. Just do as our statist geniuses tell you to do and you will be “sooo happy!” But utopianism always crashes against the rocks of reality. It isn’t just the poor Muslims under the bloody thumb of the Islamic State coming to this reality. All utopian ideologies that have risen to power have failed miserably. Lenin’s Marxist Soviet Union, Enver Hoxha’s Communist Albania, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, Castro’s Cuban Communism, Venezuela’s Bolivarian plan, and the Democrat Party of the United States are either already on the dust heap of history or headed there. Don’t follow the Democrat Party TO THE PARTY!

And thanks to PK for sending this to me.

Roy Filly



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