Want to know why the middle class is so angry?

I will reiterate that one can learn a lot from a graph. Below are three graphs that go a long way in explaining the “middle class revolt,” the “white male revolt,” Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

[Source: Explaining Social Anger, Brexit, Donald Trump in One Chart, by Mish Shedlock]


productvity-wsj6a00e551f08003883401a73e0ff08d970dRegarding the three graphs, the two most important contributors to an increasing Gross Domestic Product and, thus, growing wealth for all Americans, are increase in the workforce (usually through population growth) and productivity. The Obama years have resulted in horrible productivity and, although the population has grown a bit, the number of people participating in the workforce has fallen dramatically.

The “rich” are doing well because of the Fed policy on interest rates during Obama’s reign as Emperor of the USA resulting in a large uptick in the stock market. The poor are doing better because of government transfer payments – not due to better policies (although in fairness, transfer payments ARE POLICY). Again, Robin Hood Obama can be thanked. And despite all of their hard work, the middle class is bearing the brunt of Obama’s failed presidency.

Yet we have the Canadian Parliament chanting “four more years” during Obama’s recent visit.

Well, I say let Obama become the next Prime Minister of Canada. After all, the Canadians just elected a “child-uber-liberal,” Justin Trudeau – kind of a petulant version of BHO. I am quite certain that Obama can produce a Canadian birth certificate as “authentic” as his US birth certificate.

My friends, if YOU WANT “FOUR MORE YEARS” then stay home on election day or vote for a “third party candidate.”

Roy Filly





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