California, the great liberal experiment.

Despite the fact that California gave us the great conservative leader, Ronald Reagan, it has been and remains the “great liberal experiment.”

[Source for concept: Pacific Research Institute]

Here are the statistics:

It ranks 34th in the nation in number of unemployed.

It ranks 48th in the cost of doing business.

It also ranks 48th in “business friendliness.” (However, Chief Executive Magazine ranks us the “worst” – and we have held that august position since 2004!)

But buck up, California, we are 1st in POVERTY!

And we are 1st in having the most illegal immigrants. (So we’ve got those two things going for us).

Also, in our favor, we are one of only 5 sanctuary states!

And, we give illegals many benefits. (So, again, we’ve got that going for us).

California’s unfunded pension liabilities are topping out around one trillion dollars. (Yes, that’s a “T.” So, there’s lots of money in our budget to cover those benefits to illegals.)

And, leave us not forget that we are home to 34% of the nation’s welfare recipients. (But, we are very nice to welfare recipients because we are “soooo altruistic.”)


• Pays out one of the highest maximum monthly cash grants to the average family on welfare, $638.

• Continues aid for children even when the parents lose eligibility.

Provides benefits to some who find a job and helps with child care and transportation while attending school or training. Nice!

But, we can boast about being in the bottom 8% of fourth grade education, and we are 48th in 4th grade math and 49th in 4th grade reading. Wow!

Certainly, we should be proud that California State employees are the highest paid in the entire nation. (I’m sure you feel that is justified every time you visit your local DMV!)

As a bonus, California employees can retire as early as 50!

The way to attract people and businesses is with our tax rate! We have the highest marginal tax rate in the entire country (13.3%)! So again I say, we’ve got THAT going for us.

“The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing.” – Jean Baptiste Colbert, Louis XIV’s Minister of Finance. I think he came to California. The “hissing” is kept to a minimum by the fact that taxpayers are fleeing California. California is third from the top of states with the most residents LEAVING. The Golden State is nearly a tie for the number-two spot, and I am constantly surprised it isn’t at the top of the list given the fiscal issues present here. Municipality balance sheets are in shambles, the state already has high tax rates, and many residents are staying close but merely hopping the border into more tax advantageous states like Nevada.

My friends, we don’t need to go to Venezuela or Cuba to see the results of socialism. Visit me in San Francisco – nice window dressing on a system undergoing mortification. Remember, California has been a one party state for about 40 years. The Democrat Party holds all state-wide elected offices, the State Assembly majority, the State Senate majority, both US Senate seats and a significant majority of US congressional seats.

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