Air Force One versus Trump Force One

I do not begrudge the president flying in Air Force One – even Obama going on his 400th vacation at our expense. Nonetheless, I found this interesting comparison. You may find it interesting, as well.


Does every photo or drawing of Donald Trump need to be so unflattering? I wonder if that will continue WHEN HE IS PRESIDENT?

Roy Filly


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4 Responses to Air Force One versus Trump Force One

  1. Pat says:

    IF he gets to be President! And he won’t if those rhino whiners in Washington and many states don’t get over their petty hurt feelings that they are not the only game in town and SOLIDLY get behind him with words of support and money. If they don’t, whether or not Trump wins, I hope their states toss them out of office on their well polished butts! Trump is not perfect but he is educable. And can ANY conservative such as the turncoat Romney imagine life in the future with Clinton appointees to the Supreme Court?

  2. Flayer says:

    Yes, every photo in the lib & establishment press has Trump with his mouth open. Yet every photo of Hillary is from 20 years ago, airbrushed with perfect lighting. Even with all that help, the photos of Hillary don’t help, I might add. She’s still a cold, scheming, corrupt and ugly individual.

    • When the journalists don’t like someone, they ALWAYS try to photo him/her when speaking in mid-sentence, to make the person look angry! Or, they try to catch the person waving with his/her arm positioned JUST SO, and then claim that he/she is heil-Hitlering, even though it’s not true!

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