The 1% (or many fewer) to worry about the most.

Bernie and Hillary are worried that the 1% control too much – too much wealth, too much political influence. Well. intelligent Americans should really be worried about other groups that constitute even less than 1% of the population.

For example, the 535 members of Congress represent 0.0002% of the population, but have been put in charge of doling out trillions of dollars per year.

As of 2014 (the latest year I could obtain data) there were 32,900 newspaper journalists in the United States. That’s one tenth of one percent of the population. They control pretty much all the news one gets in “news” papers.

If we consider all television reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts we are talking about 54,400 people or 0.02% of the population.

Congress, news papers, and television news are far fewer than the terrible “1%-ers” that Bernie and Hillary find so objectionable, but they are far more influential. Among the three groups, only Congress has more conservatives – and many of them are not all that conservative.

Roy Filly



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