Trump U? What about Clinton U?

I’ll bet you have heard all about the Trump University scandal. Even Republicans were pounding their own presidential candidate on this issue. But have you heard about “Clinton U?”

Has the Washington Post or the New York Times written banner headlines about the fact the Bill Clinton is a University Chancellor? I never knew that? Did you know that?

[Source: The Clinton University Scandal? By Steven Hayward]

Not only is Billy Boy an “honorary” university chancellor, his pay for this “honorary” position is… get ready… put down your coffee cup… I don’t want to be responsible for your damaging your computer keyboard… $16.5 million! Imagine what his pay would be if he actually was the Chancellor!


He was “appointed” to this “prestigious” position by Laureate International Universities who own Walden University.

Have you heard of Walden University? Well, allow me to inform you. Walden is an online, for-profit diploma mill. These “universities” prey on Americans who qualify for “federal coverage of their educational costs” (i.e., you are paying for them to go this “university.”) Walden is facing the same kind of civil suits and fraud allegations as Trump University. I’m sure you saw the headlines in the Washington Post, an organization that has put 20 investigative reporters on Donald Trump, but apparently none on William Jefferson Clinton.

Well, say you, Bill isn’t running for president. Hillary is! Then, say I, what do you think of the fact that while Hillary was Secretary of State the State Department funneled $55 million to Laureate University?

I very much respect Jonathan Turley. He reports the following:

[Actual quote taken from the Hayward article] Laureate Education has been sued over such programs as its Walden University Online offering, which many have alleged is a scam designed to bilk students of tens of thousands of dollars for degrees. Students say that they were repeatedly delayed and given added costs as they tried to secure degrees, leaving them deeply in debt.

The respected Inside Higher Education reported that Laureate Education paid Bill Clinton an obscene $16.5 million between 2010 and 2014 to serve as an honorary chancellor for Laureate International Universities. While Bill Clinton worked as the group’s pitchman, the State Department funneled $55 million to Laureate when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state… 

Some disgruntled Laureate University students even have claimed that they were subjected to high pressure sales tactics. Further, they also complained that they received poor quality instruction. Does any of this sound familiar? Did you know that a class action suit was filed against Laureate Universities over these issues?

When Mr. Trump says that he has been treated “unfairly” by the mainstream media and that he is revoking the press credentials of the Washington Post reporters, do you think there is a modicum of credibility in his allegation?

And thanks to HP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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