Republicans and elections.

Today’s missive will be short.

When elections roll around Republicans always shoot themselves in the foot. This year they missed. They shot themselves in the head.

We have a candidate. An effort to unseat him at the convention places the bullet in the frontal lobe. If other Republicans (Romney or Kristol) successfully encourage a “third party” candidate, then the effort places the bullet in the brainstem. If the establishment (Ryan, McConnell, et. al.) damn with faint praise the bullet enters the parietal lobe. Right wing talk radio hosts who complain about everything simply move the bullet’s placement to the temporal lobe. Conservative pundits who decry a Trump candidacy (Krauthammer – such a disappointment as he was my guru – Sowell – my favorite brain trust) place the shot at the medullary-cervical junction.

At the Republican Party autopsy the report will be the same – death by self-inflicted wound!

I am not a radical. I am a conservative (but, apparently not a “true” conservative). I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am an American who thinks that Obama was the worst president in the history of the Republic. I am a capitalist and I want my country back! I will vote for Mr. Trump. 

As time has focused my attention I believe it will be refreshing to have an autocrat like Mr. Trump as president (yes, I think he will be autocratic). Why, because he will be an autocrat that thinks like I do (rather than an autocrat like Obama – executive order, executive order, executive order, executive order ad infinitum – who thinks exactly the opposite of what I think). If there is a chance that he can “Make America great again” then I am all in.

Too bad that there is a bullet rattling around in the skull of the Republican Party. They have practically guaranteed that Hillary will be the first woman president.

Roy Filly


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7 Responses to Republicans and elections.

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    What if Trump attempts to be autocratic? Congress is used to that type of CEO. My belief is that Congress and the rest of the Establishment, including the pundits, are not concerned about a Trump alleged autocracy — that isn’t the reason they oppose him. He is a true outsider — despite his wealth, he’s from the streets of Queens, he’s not intellectual (Kraut) and high spoken, he doesn’t fit, he represents the rabble; and worse, he doesn’t fit the sacred conservative (Sowell) mold. They can’t imagine his standing and speaking before an international body — the “ugly American.” The military brass hated loud mouth, egotistical Patton; they loved that he could lead. At the end of the day, they don’t want to mess with the bureaucracy they know and love.

  2. Bill Conklin says:

    I’m as conservative as anyone you know. I went door to door for Goldwater. I read a copy of “Conscience of a Conservative” the week it came out, and Buckley has been my hero ever since.
    That said, I will tell you, Trump scares the hell out of me. You talk about autocrat? How about “I will do this…, I will do that…” It sounds like he will be doubling down on executive orders. He has no credible advisors, no team, and little if any support by the congress. So a “We” approach is beyond consideration. He has no coherent announced plans for anything. Apparently he feels he can just “wing it.” I think if he wins he will be a horrible president. And Hillary is way beyond the pale and deeply beneath contempt. But I’m afraid she will be the “winner.” (Gag! Barf!)

    I am left with the thought that our strategy should be to use the ensuing four years to bury the rotting remains of the “GOP,” and try to rebuild a coherent philosophy and a solid Conservative party. While doing that we will be able to put forth the conservative “better ideas” in distinction to the losing policies of the progressives, and in so doing, rebuild a larger and more solid base of those who begin to see how empty or even harmful the socialistic ideas are.

    As an aside, I am sorry to see any of us give up, even a little, on Charles Krauthammer. As a person and as an intellect he is a bright shining beacon, and a hero to me. He says he can’t vote for Trump. Well, Charles, I’m with you on that. Me either.

    I doubt many readers here will agree with my thoughts, including Roy, who has become a personal friend. But as the saying goes, “To thine own self be true…”


    • Wrong — he DOES have a coherent plan for making our nation safe from terrorism! As for doubling down on executive orders, this is PRECISELY what our nation NEEDS — a President with a clear vision for winning the War on Terror, and who will be autocratic enough to actually DO what he has to do regardless of any checks and balances! Because at this point it’s IMPOSSIBLE to save our nation by working within the system — in order to save our nation, any future Republican president will have to BREAK the system and avail himself of dictatorial powers, and then use THESE to repair the damage done by the progressive vermin!

      • Anne Malcolm says:

        Executive orders to rescind all of Obama’s unconstitutional orders is exactly what the EO is for! And I’ll support that. :Does any GOPer think that if they don’t get behind our candidate he will lose? Look at the hopelessly flawed and corrupt and unpleasant candidate they have. Yet they will rally because they would rather spend their time trying to defeat our candidate. Yet we have so many who just complain and bitch and then when he loses they say, “I told you so.” Yet they are the very ones who join with Democrats and the MSM to criticize our candidate. Trump will choose better justices than Hillary. Trump will build up the military whereas Hillary hates the military and will use them for social justice and experimentation. Trump values business and is not ashamed of success while Hillary only lives off of the public and heinous international petrodollars and pretends to be above it all. Trump is a patriot and loves the USA. Hillary is just interested in what she can sell and the country will be “for sale.” Please see that only in Utopia can we have the perfect candidate. How can we have such high standards for politicians when we don’t even have such high standards for our friends and spouse? We want perfection yet everything in life is a compromise. Please, please stop with this nonsense. I do not want Hillary and and grateful for a candidate who isn’t mincing words. It’s about time.

  3. Roxanne says:

    Mr. Trump does need some rational, principled advice. He needs some intense tutoring in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, (basis of the only rational, individual rights respecting government ever founded in history of man, still radical today), the ideas of John Locke (basis of the Declaration), etc. I think Mr. Trump is a highly intelligent man, he’d be a quick study and he would not spurn rational advice.

    Does Krauthammer, Sowell reach out to him with sound advice, offers to help? No, they decide he’s beyond the pale and condemn him.. Meanwhile, a no vote for Trump is a vote for HIllary and hell being unleashed on the US if the Muslim war on us is not fought in earnest, and rationally. Hillary is the antithesis of reason.

    As Mr. Toomey said, he’s not an intellectual and therein, I’m sad to say, lies his, and possibly our saving grace. Trump loves this country and wants to save it. He has a lot to lose, like his life, for trying to give us a breather from the destroyers. He has many liabilities, and a lot to learn. But in today’s cultural climate you will not get a 19th century liberal or principled constiutionalist running for office who actually values America. The colleges are too entrenched with those who hate America and it’s almost impossible today to not get brainwashed into that view. To buy this country some time, a sense of life candidate like Trump has escaped the brain washing. That he’s come out and shown people how to think again, a little, to not cave into PC thinking, may unleash us to do real thinking. Ayn Rand said: in changing a society, politics is the last thing that changes. First, the society itself must change. Then the political candidates will reflect that and become better. First the society itself must become more rational, committed to individual rights, want responsibility of freedom. Then you will see political people committed to freedom and no longer trying to put totalitarianism over on the populace, and the populace unable to resist it.

    Also, please note, Kristol is a neo con. I’ve read a little bit about the neocons. They are NOT for the United States as the Founders envisioned it. They want an elite in control, (themselves), they want a lessening of individual rights and a citizenry that is bound by duty to the state. They are not opposed to Islam. Please read up on their views. Irving Kristol, Bill’s father, is a leading intellectual light for the neocons (also known as Straussians).

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