The latest insanity from college campuses.

I really am at a loss to understand what is happening to “liberals.” They currently espouse the most “illiberal” positions. The following are almost incomprehensible let alone “illiberal.” The philosophic underpinnings of their rants are intolerant, narrow-minded, unenlightened, reactionary, repressive, and tyrannical.

[Source: The Craziest Demands of College Kids in 2016, by Robby Soave]

“We have spoken. We are speaking. Pay attention.”

No More Cross-Ethnic Food/Song/Dance/Haircuts

Students… brought their quixotic Cultural Revolution to the cafeteria, where inauthentic ethnic food is considered a microaggression. At Oberlin College, Asian students complained that the General Tso’s chicken wasn’t up to their standards—a delicious irony, given that the meal was actually standardized in America as a way to introduce Americans to Asian food.

But people on campus have an increasing aversion to cultural intermingling. Some students don’t want white people practicing yoga, others think tequila and sombreros on Cinco de Mayo are offensive, and still others think Hindu chanting should be reserved for Hindus, even when performed with all due respect.

But nothing compares with Bonita Tindle, the irate San Francisco University student who attacked a white man because she objected to his dreadlocks. “It’s my culture,” Tindle explained.

Wow! These people think they’re liberals!

And thanks to RH for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to The latest insanity from college campuses.

  1. James Kleiser says:

    I think the lack of serious concerns in life allows this sort of reactionary behavior.

    I find it somewhat analogous to the way I imagine human immune systems: unchallenged by natural attacks, they “turn up the gain” until we have autoimmune problems…

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