A blast from the past for Hillary and Bill.

Many younger voters will not recognize the name Roger Clinton. Roger is Bill Clinton’s younger brother (i.e., Hillary’s brother-in-law). And what a peach of a guy he is.

Well, good ol’ boy, Roger, got ‘hisself’ arrested by the ‘pōleece’ yesterday.

He was arrested for driving under the influence in Southern California. Clinton was pulled over after a concerned citizen called police to report a vehicle driving erratically on Pacific Coast Highway. Clinton was released Monday morning after posting $15,000 bail (probably obtained as a grant from the Clinton Foundation – they are very “charitable”) and scheduled to appear in court on September 2.


If you are saying, “well, it could happen to anyone,” think again. During the Clinton administration, Brother Roger was compared to Jimmy Carter’s brother, Billy, who earned an unflattering reputation during his brother’s administration for his behavior. Billy urinated in front of reporters while waiting for a plane to arrive.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to when Brother Bill was Governor of Arkansas. Roger was arrested for selling cocaine. It was difficult for Bill and Hillary to deny this like they do for every other allegation. Why is that, ask you? Because answer I, good ol’ Roger sold the cocaine to an undercover police officer – and the transaction was videotaped! He pleaded guilty and spent a year in prison.

OK, say you. Why blame Bill and Hillary for the indiscretions of a sibling? Because answer I, good ol’ Roger doesn’t have a criminal record. Wait, what? Didn’t you just tell us he spent a year in prison for selling cocaine? Why, yes I did!

On Jan. 20, 2001 Roger received a Presidential pardon. And who was the president? Why, Brother Bill, of course. Shortly after his “pardon,” good ol’ Roger was arrested again.

Bother Roger was just one of many pardons issued by Bill Clinton on the day he left office. The people pardoned by Bill were so creepy that they became the subject of a Congressional investigation. But here’s the kicker. Within the investigation was the allegation that Roger had put approximately a dozen names on the list of those to be pardoned – not the Justice Department after thorough vetting of those recommended for pardon. It was alleged that he received payments for these recommendations.

Here are excerpts from the New York Times article at that time:

The furor over President Bill Clinton’s pardons intensified today as Congressional investigators focused on Roger Clinton and his efforts to win pardons for friends and associates from his… brother.

In discussions with Bill Clinton, Roger Clinton sought clemency for about 10 people, although he had not been paid for his efforts, said Julia Payne, an aide to the former president. (Let me know when you stop laughing because there’s more – much more – RF)

As Congressional investigators broadened their inquiry in Washington, federal prosecutors in New York in the office of United States Attorney Mary Jo White expanded their criminal inquiry to determine whether efforts were made to buy pardons in some cases, the officials said.

OK, say you again. Bill isn’t running for President – Hillary is! Then let’s take a look at Hillary’s sibling, Hugh Rodham!

[From the NYT article] While the investigations rapidly accelerated beyond the initial inquiry into Mr. Clinton’s pardon of the fugitive commodities trader Marc Rich, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters today that she played no role in any of the dozens of pardons that her husband granted. (And I have a nice piece of property in the Okefenokee Swamp you might be interested in buying – RF.) She expressed chagrin that her brother Hugh Rodham accepted a large fee as a pardon lobbyist. (Brother Hugh had received $400,000 to lobby the president for some pardons – money that he eventually had to return once he was caught with his hand in the Clinton cookie jar – RF.).

I know what you are thinking. “Marc Rich,” I remember that name. He was one of the most egregious pardons on the Clinton list. Did he pay for the pardon, ask you? No, answer I. The word around Washington was that his wife “paid” for the pardon! In a book on Bill Clinton,”The Clinton Crack-Up,” R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. claims that Brother Bill had an affair with Denise Rich – the wife, of course.

Good ol’ Roger has mostly kept his nose clean, so to speak – with the possible exception of a little white powder around the nostril. However, he admitted in a deposition that he’d tried to arrange a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s last presidential campaign for a cut of the take. Last year, the New York Times reported that Roger had received $100,000 from a businessman in Houston intended to help smooth the way for a contract to sell houses in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake in that country. You remember! Bill was in charge of the Haiti relief effort! Who would have guessed?

OK. Thats’s enough for now. I realize you will need to shower after this missive to wash away the slime! One last item: “Headache” was the code name given Roger by the Secret Service during President Clinton’s two terms!


Roy Filly


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