Funny and informative quotes from former presidents.

Herbert Hoover

“Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.”

Hoover could not possibly have guessed that the national debt would exceed $19 trillion by the year 2016. Hoover was president from 1929 to 1933. Look at the graph below to see the relative national debt in the early 1930s compared to today. (I thought my readers would enjoy seeing a logarithmic graph of the national debt. The rapid rise in the 1940s was, of course, due to World War II. The rapid rise in the late 1960s is due to the welfare state and redistributive politics. How tragic.)


Ronald Reagan, to protesters at UCLA

“‘Make love not war’? By the looks of you, you don’t look like you could do much of either.”

Will those college students who crave “safe spaces” and an absence of “trigger words” ever pick up a gun to defend freedom? These students all need to meet a drill instructor at Camp Lejeune. They might hear a “trigger word” or two.


Franklin D. Roosevelt, when told his wife was in a prison

“I’m not surprised. But what for?”

I would have loved it if this had been a quote from President William Jefferson Clinton. Then it would have been true!



Grover Cleveland

“No man has ever yet been hanged for breaking the spirit of a law.”

Tell that to the Little Sisters of the Poor – well, not hanged, but the fine for an employer that does not include contraception in their health insurance package is $36,500 per employee per year.

Benjamin Harrison

“When I hear a Democrat boasting himself of the age of his party, I feel like reminding him that there are other organized evils in the world older than the Democratic party.”

Enough said.

Andrew Johnson

“Washington, D.C., is twelve square miles bordered by reality.”

This is the reason we are witnessing the political revolution of 2016. When you give legislators 4 trillion dollars to spend EVERY YEAR reality flies out the window.

Abraham Lincoln

“If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?”

This was funny because Lincoln was far from the handsomest president. It wouldn’t be funny if Barack Obama said it because it would then refer to the true meaning of “two-faced.”

Millard Fillmore, declining an honorary degree from Oxford (and possibly poking fun at Andrew Jackson’s acceptance of one from Harvard)

“I have not the advantage of a classical education, and no man should, in my judgment, accept a degree he cannot read.”

Will we ever see Barack Obama’s college and law school transcripts? And will the Nobel Committee rescind his “Peace Prize?” After all was said and done, Barack Obama – our “end the wars” president –  is the president who has been at war the longest of any president in our history!

Our Founding Fathers held strong opinions and didn’t mince words. Nor did they always agree with each other. We Republicans do not need to “agree” on everything. But, please, please, let us form a “more perfect union.”

James Monroe, to Alexander Hamilton

“You are a scoundrel.”

Thomas Jefferson, on John Adams

“He is as disinterested as the being who made him.”

John Adams, on Alexander Hamilton

“That bastard brat of a Scottish peddler!”

Sorry, but if your waiting to see a funny or informative quote from Barack Obama, I couldn’t find one.

Roy Filly


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