Tell me what is crazy about these Trump words.

If you read the headlines of the Washington Post or the New York Times you would think that Donald Trump had just escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane (see footnote). I did not start out as  a Trump supporter. But I have to say that I have come around.

Yes. The following is a campaign video, but it touches the themes that the left-wing media despises about him. Personally, I found it uplifting.

Roy Filly


Today’s Trump headlines from the WP and NYT – and that is just today – it has been like this for MONTHS!!!

Donald Trump’s complicated relationships with women, as told by a ‘Trump girl’

For Donald Trump, every vice is a virtue

Conservatives make a deal with the devil

Trump’s bizarre, dangerous neediness

The rank nihilism driving the GOP’s acceptance of Trump

Some conservatives are still plotting to stop Trump at the GOP convention

The Daily Trail: Donald Trump’s billionaire supporters still aren’t sure where to send their checks

Kasich rules out ‘Stop Trump’ third-party bid

Reince Priebus, fool – His defense of Trump is leaving him with no pride, no shame and no future.

Little Is Off Limits as Donald Trump Plans Attacks on Hillary Clinton’s Character

‘Who Is This Guy?’ In Connected Political World, Few Know Donald Trump



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