Trump, Pinocchio and the Washington Post.

The Washington Post claims that Trump’s assertion that “young, strong men” are the dominant group “fleeing” Syria is worthy of three Pinocchios. That is just one step from saying “black is white” when it comes to lying (four Pinocchios is a bald-faced lie). They gathered their data and presented it in the following graph.

Perhaps it is just me, but does the data look like Trump told an egregious lie?


So why does the Washington Post think that Trump is lying, ask you? Because, answer I, he didn’t pay attention to the trend line. While men are still the dominant percent of “refugees” their total is no longer greater than 50%.

Bob Woodward of Watergate fame and a Washington Post journalist stated that the Washington Post has tasked 20 journalists with digging into every business deal, every dalliance, and every word that Donald Trump has ever uttered in order to “inform” the voting public. Pravda on the Potomac is the true campaign manager for Hillary Clinton.

This episode tells me that the liberal media realizes that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a very poor candidate. Therefore, character assassination of Donald Trump is the order of the day. The real name of an “Obama-third-term” is Hillary. Do not let that happen!

Roy Filly


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3 Responses to Trump, Pinocchio and the Washington Post.

  1. mganzi says:

    Like many young men on a sinking ship, Trump’s were first to the escape lifeboats. Hence the ‘trend line.’ WP’s Pinocchio stars give the honest shoemaker, Gepetto, a bad name.

  2. Roy Filly says:

    Gepetto thanks you for your endorsement.

  3. Ellis Darby says:

    The bars in the graph appear to be saying that, although larger, the male composite is decreasing versus women and children. But over the period, I would venture a guess, the absolute numbers of men far out weighs the other two. But just a guess.
    I can trust what The NYT has to say about as far as I can try to jump across the Bosporous Strait.

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