Charts to ponder.

There will be a lot of debate in the next few months about “unequal pay.” The problem with the debate is that the Democrat Party tenet on this issue is false. One reason for unequal pay is that women choose different jobs than men. This is changing as women increasingly enter fields that were previously the domain of men.


While I consider “global warming” to be a hoax, I do have concerns about particulate air pollution. I, like most Americans, want to beath clean air. I am far less concerned about how much CO2 is in that clean air. It is very nice to see that the USA is not listed in the chart below. And note that Europe (Bernie’s Nirvana) us right up there with China in air pollution deaths.


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4 Responses to Charts to ponder.

  1. Pat says:

    Anyone who’s been to China can attest to its air polution. Traveling by train from Beijing to Shanghai, one can only see about one km on either side of train due to severe industrial polution. And it’s even worse in Beijing with its average population density (including visitors) of est. 25 million people and enormous traffic.
    The US was bound for worse air polution (I recall in St. Louis in the late ’60s when walking from the parking lot to the hospital that you often needed a cloth over your face to filter out the acidic air which still burned your eyes!). Major improvements were created primarily in the petrochemical industry but also autos and fuel to reverse the situation. This was mostly through the EPA, a great example of something once good now transformed into a bureaucratic monster because its masters have not been held accoutable!

    • Roy Filly says:

      So true. I was in San Bernardino from 1974-1976. The pollution was so bad one could not tell the color of the traffic signals (I.e., red/yellow/green). Only the position let you know whether to stop or go.

  2. How come Russia is not on the list??? I remember some days in Moscow (especially in the summer when the wind blew from the east) when you couldn’t see from one end of the street to the other because of the smog!

  3. Roy Filly says:

    I’m not responsible for “the list.”

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