Listen to the pundits.

“The Democrat primary is an ‘inauguration’ of Hillary Clinton.” I heard this so often it would take three paragraphs to list the pundits that predicted this. She’s still battling Bernie Saunders, who is not all that far behind in pledged delegates.

Conservative pundit Bill Kristol (who I happen to like) predicted that “Donald Trump can’t possibly win the Republican nomination.” Oops, already done and in advance of Hillary Clinton.

 “Unless he starts speaking in tongues, I predict Rick Perry wins the debates.” Well, if you watched the early debates – Perry didn’t last long – you know how accurate that prediction was.

Nate Silver, the election guru, consistently predicted the demise of the Trump campaign. Remember this guy? Silver made his name by using cold hard math to call 49 out of 50 states in the 2008 general election and all 50 in 2012. Hmmm. I guess “cold hard math” isn’t going to work this year!

Many politicos ranked Scott Walker as THE candidate who will win. The Hill ranked Governor Scott Walker second on its list of the top 10 most likely GOP nominees. (They predicted Jeb Bush as the likely winner.) Both dropped out early and Walker is still asking donors for money to pay off his campaign debts.

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said, when describing the results of the first debate, that Trump was clearly “out of place” and his opponents “left him out in the cold.” I am a big fan of Charles Krauthammer, but let’s face it, everyone has been wrong about everything.

Well, that is not entirely true. From the beginning Donald Trump said, “I am going to win.” He did. He just said “I will beat Hillary Clinton.” He will.

Trump was far from my first choice among the 17 presidential candidates for the Republican nomination. But he is the winner and he is the candidate that will get my vote in the general election. Pundits have been consistently wrong. They are also wrong that he is “dangerous,” “unprepared,” “can’t accomplish what he has promised,” and “will drag the Republican Party down.”

My friends, why in God’s name would we start listening to those moronic pundits when their predictive ability has been shown to be swirling in the toilet bowl just after the flush!

The only thing I can think of that is less intelligent than listening to pundits is LISTENING TO BOOKMAKERS (current odds of a Trump victory – 11 to 4).

Roy Filly



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4 Responses to Listen to the pundits.

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    Might disagree with you here, Roy. Not about the pundits. The trouble with pundits, they predict their bias. Grass roots pundits like us had it right even before Romney. But that’s bragging. Where we disagree is about “bookmakers.”Vegas isn’t 100 percent right, but it has a good track record.

  2. Roy Filly says:

    This is a VERY bad year for “track records!”

  3. trailbee says:

    The bookmakers statement: In 2012 everyone was a bookmaker and said Romney would win either in a landslide or by a hair, depending on who you listened to. Well, guess what? Everyone was wrong. I no longer listen to pundits or bookmakers. All I want is a Conservative in the White House andI don’t give a damn how he or she gets there!

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