Hard to believe a Republican wrote this!

George F. Will is a columnist and pundit that should be known to all who read my posts. Trump insulted him at one point during the campaign. He has since become unhinged.

He wrote this today:  Being a Republican “demands the prevention of a Trump presidency. Were he to be nominated, conservatives would have two tasks. One would be to help him lose 50 states.

The Republican Party has fallen apart – and not because of Trump. He is simply the manifestation of the problem. It wasn’t even the “establishment” – whatever that means. The problem is Barack Obama, the most divisive president ever. Republicans can’t stand him and are lashing out at the failure to control him. The only solution is for him to leave office and an AMERICAN get elected to the presidency – if you take my meaning.

The Rugged Individualist pledges to support whichever candidate wins the Republican nomination. That includes Donald Trump. I have warmed to him if for no other reason than that a bunch of pundits, foaming at the mouth, are afraid of him. Fear is our best weapon for what ails our nation. No one knows exactly what he will do as president. We know exactly what Hillary will do as president. The “system” needs to be shaken – not stirred!

And thanks (I think) to CAG for getting my bile up enough to write the above.

Roy Filly


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10 Responses to Hard to believe a Republican wrote this!

  1. Yes, the most important thing is to deny the White House to the Clintons.

  2. Dick Toomey says:

    You’re right, of course, that Obama was the divider and anti-American who was the catalyst behind the political movement today — but I do believe the raging anger is directed at the GOP Establishment for its culpability — aiding and abetting — the criminal in the WH. Perhaps I’m only speaking for myself but my anger was building even before BHO was elected — when it became apparent that the GOP and DEM parties were kissin’ cousins, spending us into oblivion.

  3. mganzi says:

    George Will epitomizes the Republican cocktail set in the beltway. Not a clue, not a care and not a conviction which could not be reversed with a few bucks.

  4. trailbee says:

    I had to change my party in order to vote in the Primaries, so my vote goes to the GOP. I do not like Trump, sorry, but that said, if he is the candidate, I’ll vote for him. Kirstin Powers quoted David Brooks on Special Report Friday, and it only proves mganzi’s point – the beltway has absolutely NO idea what the hell is going on across this country. And they like it that way. Dick Toomey is on the mark – it only took someone like Obama to bring everything to a boil. The “Progressives” have been working hand in hand with the GOP and have brought our country to the point where neither party stands for anything. Going along to get a long was the magic wand.
    Talk about a lost country!

  5. Donald Trump achieved the position of a most successful business man, indicating a high intelligence and astute observer of his surroundings. I truly believe in his respect for and love of his (our) country. He has demonstrated that he is a very capable man. What too many people and pundits forget is what he can accomplish on behalf of his nation once he sets his mind to it. If he says some dumb things, I could care less. Citizens, and young ones particularly, must look to how they will benefit by Mr. Trump’s abilities and what his insight will mean to them and not be mislead into some trivial emotional mindset perpetrated by the leftwing-biased major media. To me (and millions of others) his strengths are genuine American, developed in America and will be to the benefit of our nation.

  6. Anne says:

    To your point, Dr. Wood, ALL politicians have said dumb things. The difference is that if a conservative or Republican says it the media reports it. Not so for Democrats. (Can you imagine if a Republican president flashed a juvenile “v” sign while grinning like Alfred E. Newman for a group photo at the end of a nuclear summit? Only the British press was willing to call Obama a clown.

    As far as Trump goes, I had always been a Cruz supporter and have tremendous respect for him and his accomplishments. I never thought that he could win because I recognize that he is more conservative than most Americans. (My conservative politics are aligned with his, however.) As the campaign has worn on, I have warmed to Trump. After every attack I found myself defending him. Unlike many I can respect and support BOTH Trump and Cruz. They are both remarkable men in different ways, operating in different universes. I can support one without hating the other. Now I will not hesitate to vote for Trump because he has a path to victory and I want victory to come already so we can move on to crushing Hillary. Time to get on with it.

    Cruz is a young man who can stay in the political arena, do much good and try again. He is only in his mid 40s. He will have become even more battle-ready for the next fight. And if he can bury the hatchet with Trump they can do much good between the senate and the executive.

  7. Anne says:

    PS – George Will needs to get over himself, armchair warrior that he fancies himself to be, and start expending some of his energy writing about Hillary and the Democrats

  8. For MY part, I’ve already pledged to vote for WHOEVER becomes the Republican nominee — EXCEPT the traitors Rand Paul and Jim Gilmore, but these got kicked out early (and rightly so!)

  9. Pat says:

    Last summer I thought Trump’s candidency was the ploy of a man with too much money and a huge ego without a snowball’s chance of surviving into the fall. I was wrong about the results but not about at least part of his reason for running. And his ego is why I can support him as our President. He wants to leave a legacy far exceeding having his name on towers, etc but a name which is historically reported that he turned this nation around! He’ll do what is necessary to do that which is why real Americans will turn out in the general election to vote for him regardless of their political affiliations!
    You can trust Trump’s self promotion to literally “Make America Great”!

  10. libertyphysics says:

    As a Cruz supporter, I believe a Trump presidency would be a disaster. That would be MUCH better than a Hillary or Sanders presidency, both of which could spell Armageddon. I will support Trump if he is nominated in the general.

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