Entrepreneurism. America is fading!

If you ask me what has kept the engine of American commerce the world leader, I would answer entrepreneurism. That word is fading in America and has been for quite some time. Why is that, ask you? The reason is simple enough, answer I. BIG GOVERNMENT!

The punitive tax structure and overzealous regulation have hurt the entrepreneurial spirit in our nation. Perhaps it has even dealt a death-blow! I have written about this previously. Look at the two graphs below.



declining_business_dynamism_figure1Self employment rates give one an idea of how many Americans think they can open a small business. This should be easier in the era of the world-wide web. It appears that is not the case. As well, we now have more small businesses closing their doors than opening their doors.

Do we really need to have a study on why this is happening?

Big government is bad government. It’s axiomatic. Do you really think Hillary will change this trajectory? Please, my friends, I am begging you. Coalesce around the eventual Republican candidate. It’s our only hope!

Roy Filly



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2 Responses to Entrepreneurism. America is fading!

  1. Bill Grisham CPA says:

    I hate to pop your bubble but, The Democrats AND the Republicans built the giant regulation machine TOGETHER and have a vested interest in maintaining it. Until you abandon them TOGETHER, you will not even begin to fix the problem. Make a strong movement away from the continued stupidity and Vote Libertarian! They are the only political group with that kind of perspective that will send the repeal (not reform) message to the powers that be.

    • Roy Filly says:

      Comparing Republicans and Democrats as equivalent evils is a non sequitur. The catastrophe that Obama has wrought is not comparable to any president in memory and maybe in history. I made two “protest” votes. On the first Jimmy Carter became president. On the second Bill Clinton won his first term. I refuse to waste my vote on a candidate with absolutely no chance of prevailing and when such a vote guarantees another Clinton in the White House. If we do not reverse the damage that Obama has caused with a Republican president the tragedy of his administration will be cemented.

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