Want to know why this presidential election cycle is so nutty?

The current presidential primaries are highlighting a change that has been occurring for a while. What is the change, ask you? Polarization, answer I. Who is to blame, ask you? Frankly, I am sick unto death of the “blame game.” Nonetheless, my analysis over the past 4 1/2 years of writing political blog posts is that “the blame” is squarely on the Democrat Party for playing identity politics for so long.

And President Obama has been the most divisive president since I paid attention to presidents. His presidency has been one of “victim identification.” Then, he pits the “victims” against the “oppressors.” (Footnote)


And thanks to PK for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


Certain groups are identified by progressive/statist/altruists as victim classes. Criticism of them ist verboten! (Here one gives the Nazi salute!) Wir mussen geben sie ihnen special treatment – so says Der Furher, Barack.

American victims:

Gay couples planning a marriage (I am in favor of gay marriage): However, these couples are not “victimized” by florists and bakers whose religion does not permit them to participate in their wedding. (But a Muslim truck driver who is offended by delivering beer wins a law suit!)

Men or women who don’t “feel” they are a man or a woman when looking between their legs are allowed to offend approximately half the US population by using a shower that fails to match their birth gender. They have this terrible cross to bear. So bear it, already!

If you belong to a non-white race you are automatically a victim.

Are you a Muslim? Sorry, but you’re a victim.

Go to college? Have to attend a lecture by someone with whom you disagree? Welcome to the land of victimhood.

I could go on but I am getting both bored and nauseated!



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