I’m moving to Switzerland!

Bernie and Hillary want America to be more like Belgium – perhaps minus all the terrorists. I’m moving to Switzerland! For my readers who have been Tea Party members from the outset, we recall that the “TEA” equaled “Taxed Enough Already.”

I’m not sure what it means anymore, nor am I certain what acronym could be found that the media could use to shorten its meaning. “I hate everything about Washington – IHEAW.” “I’m a religious zealot – IRZ.” “I’m ready to bolt the Republican Party – IRBRP.” “I’ll vote for Hillary before I vote for a Republican establishment candidate – IVHBIVFREC.” Take your pick. Personally, I’m sticking with Taxed Enough Already.


My friends, please keep your eye on the ball before it hits you square between the eyes. Any Republican candidate is hugely better than Hillary!

Roy Filly


About Roy Filly

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