Hold-your-nose election.

“Don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative.” It appears that America will be knee-deep in a hold-your-nose election this year. The three candidates who will likely appear on either the Republican or Democrat tickets have the highest negative ratings since such statistics were collected.

Here are the results from the AP-GFK poll:

Donald Trump

Total Favorable                                             26%

Total Unfavorable                                   69%

Definitely would vote for                             16%

Would consider voting for                           19%

Definitely would not vote for             63%


Ted Cruz

Total Favorable                                             26%

Total Unfavorable                                  59%

Definitely would vote for                             10%

Would consider voting for                           33%

Definitely would not vote for             55%


Hillary Clinton

Total Favorable                                             40%

Total Unfavorable                                  55%

Definitely would vote for                             24%

Would consider voting for                           26%

Definitely would not vote for             49%

I know many of my readers support Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Pick your poison. Trump (69% unfavorable) or Cruz (59% unfavorable) – either way both are well above 50%. And the “would-not-vote-for” statistic is alarming to say the least. Winning a presidential election with less than 50% of the popular vote is a very unlikely scenario. Hillary does not fare much better.

Look at the results yourself. The Trump statistics are appalling.

I personally believe in the quote at the beginning of the post. When we are down to two candidates (Hillary, if she doesn’t go to prison) and either Trump or Cruz, people’s attitudes will change or, at the very least, people will hold their nose and vote. So, choose between Pariah 1, Pariah 2, or Pariah 3.

And, by the by, the only candidate running for the Republican nomination who beats Clinton if the election were held today is John Kasich – just saying.

Roy Filly



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One Response to Hold-your-nose election.

  1. Edward says:

    It is so damn frustrating and infuriating that the Republicans can not choose a viable candidate when Hillary is so beatable. I am very tempted to totally disengage permanently from following American politics and perhaps from voting too. A Californian voting GOP in the general election is worthless.

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