You might be interested in this graph.

Looking for a new career? Do you have children and want to direct them to educate themselves in an area other than gender studies or an equaling inane, fatuous, and low paying profession? Then take a look at this graph.


Roy Filly


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3 Responses to You might be interested in this graph.

  1. trailbee says:

    Is it possible to break down the first line? Were these doctors in private practice? Were the doctors specialists? What was the geography of the best paid doctors? Where were the least paid doctors? Were Oncologists paid more than the Surgeons who operated on cancer patients? Were the majority of doctors practicing in age-related fields?
    I’m not trying to be facetious. I live in the Foothills and both hospitals, one in San Andreas and one in Sonora, are owned by Catholic Hospitals West, also known as Dignity Health, and Seventh Day Adventist Health. The former appears to be a crap shoot for ER meds, and the latter has just bought out the entire medical services in that area, other than homeopathic medicine. Every single service, which includes optometrists and physical therapy, is now part of Sonora Regional Medical Center. The doctors are leaving our area and people/abandoned patients can’t find new ones.
    I had a serious talk with my doctor, who also happens to be an Endo and Diabetic specialist, that if he chooses to leave, would he please give me a heads up. These are nasty surprises.
    But on the whole, considering our national healthcare situation, I’m glad doctors seemingly are cleaning up.

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