Legal marijuana sales. They are rather eye-opening.

As my readers know, I am for the legalization of drug sales. In a five-part series of posts, I outlined the pitiable state of the War on Drugs and why legalization is rational.

The first small step in legalization has occurred. It is now legal to purchase marijuana in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia. This constitutes a relatively small portion of the American population. However, it gives one the opportunity to see what Americans are doing with this new freedom.

Do you like Oreo cookies? I do. Do you drink bottled water? Millions of Americans have fallen for that ripoff. But, despite the fact that tap water is usually better, they spend billions of dollars on the stuff. Sales of Oreos and Desani bottled water are national.

Let’s compare national sales of Oreo and Desani bottled water (the most popular brand) with marijuana sales – which is limited to the states in which it is legal.


Are there negative effects to allowing the use of a mind altering drug? Of course there are. Have they called out the National Guard to quell the lawlessness in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia? Are the headlines filled with the madness in the streets as drug crazed pot smoker rape and pillage these states? No. Are the negative effects any worse than those seen with the sale of alcohol and tobacco products? No.

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug (22.2 million past-month users) according to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Nearly all must buy the drug from an illegal drug dealer. Be sure to put that in your calculation of the “sanity” of marijuana legalization.

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5 Responses to Legal marijuana sales. They are rather eye-opening.

  1. trailbee says:

    Please define “legal”.

  2. Roxanne A. says:

    Don’t agree same as alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana stays in your brain for days, as opposed to hours for alcohol. Also, marijuana does often lead to worse, life altering drugs. Yes, alcohol destroys too. But that destruction can take a lot longer to kill a person. I think alcohol damage as far as the brain goes is harder to inflict, easier to reverse if stopped early enough. All have a point of no return to original state of normalcy, but marijuana has some unique hazards to the user. I don’t know if marijuana brains ever can come back.

    • Anne Malcolm says:

      Alcohol in small quantities can be good for many. Especially red wine. Not so for any drugs and not true for marijuana. There is evidence that it causes memory loss. I have witnessed it in my friends who were frequent imbibers in their youthful days. Also it does stay in the system and we have no way to have sobriety checks. Imagine if your pilot had smoked before flying you and your family. Would you feel secure if you knew? How would we check? How would we know that the what shows up positive was from 1 day ago and not a few hours before. And would the same laws against public smoking be enforced? I mean if one can’t have a cigarette while sitting on a park bench because the park is “smoke free” then can one smoke marijuana? And my last point about drugs is that many are very addictive. Will I have to pay more of my money to care for the devastation that addiction causes to citizens and their families? If you could guarantee that I wouldn’t have to pay for the addicts and support their unfortunate families and children from their addictions then perhaps I’d go along.

  3. Roy Filly says:

    Legal: permitted by law.

    And to Roxanne A. The downstream effects of alcohol and cigarettes are hugely worse than marijuana. Please read the posts on the War on Drugs. Filled with accurate information. No one is known to have died from marijuana. Millions have succumbed to the ravages of alcohol and cigarettes.

  4. libertyphysics says:

    If one believes in freedom and individual rights rather than collectivism the argument is settled. We might advise the public about the dangers of this or that personal behavior but we have no right to use the force of law to compel someone to accept our lifestyle preferences.

    Mayor Bloomberg apparently felt 16 oz sweet drinks were more dangerous than alcohol or smoking because he made the former illegal while keeping the latter legal. When, in a free society, what we, as adults, ingest should be an individual choice. It goes without saying that any drug related crimes should be prosecuted in a free society just as alcohol intoxication or theft would be anyway.

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