Guest post by Dick Toomey.

Dear Readers,

I have been a fan of Mr. Toomey for a while. Today he posted on the true nature of this year’s election. Read it and take heed. And, thank you Dick for permitting me to post this on The Rugged Individualist.

Roy Filly


Dick Toomey

MARCH 22, 2016

Won’t be long now. In a few months, Obama’s transformation of America will either take permanent root, or a restoration of America will recover its lost soul. Optimistically, you want to believe that a majority of Americans of every race and economic class still believes in America’s founding principles — those enduring precepts that unleashed a whirlwind of freedom from sea to shining sea. Pessimistically, you see a growing population that has no knowledge of, or attachment to, those principles, and worse, no gratitude for the ingenuity, industriousness, character and countless acts of courage of those who came before — those who toiled in good faith to carry and pass along the torch of that freedom. Whatever the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election, history will record two things: One, that in 2008 and 2012, the American people, either naively or stupidly, placed their beloved country into the hands of a Marxist, fulfilling Nikita Khrushchev’s prophecy:

We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism . . . . . .  we will destroy you from within. . . . .

Two,  history will also record whether or not the American people in 2016, did in fact, knowingly and willingly, choose Socialism over Free Enterprise Capitalism. Thanks to Trump, expert pundits, politicians and think tanks are as busy as a flock of agitated starlings to explain what’s going on. In a sort of controlled frenzy, they report and comment on Establishments, Outsiders, Special Interests, Polls, Brokered Conventions, etc. But, curiously, they fail to see the forest for all those knotty trees. As they obsess over Trump, they fail to see the elephant in the room. As they squabble over who will control the GOP, they fail to see the Enemy at the Gate. As they, and a gullible public, continue to treat the 2016 contest like a Super Bowl or American Idol, they fail to see or accept that America has reached the notorious Tipping Point. Even Trump fails to get it. He and everyone else thinks that protests and violence are a reaction to his brash personality and pugnacious attitude. Forget it. When you see Bill Ayers of Weatherman Underground fame at a Trump rally, you know he’s there for only one reason. For decades, since the 60’s riots, he and the Radical Socialist Left have revolted and hammered their way to power, personified in the rule of Marxist Barack Obama. With his coronation, they finally arrived. This very day, they occupy the hallowed halls of Washington DC. So don’t kid yourself. They not only run the show; they also have bullied and emasculated the fickle and feeble GOP into submission. After tasting the sweet wine of success for eight years, after all their sacrifice, they are not about to let anyone take away the keys to their Socialist kingdom. Like the GOP Establishment, they have everything to lose. Donald has to go down. Accordingly, the 21st century Brown Shirts are poised and mobilized. You know them by other names: Acorn, Black Lives Matter, CCDS, MDS, SDS, PSL and others. They share a common purpose — seek the overthrow, dissolution or transformation of all American institutions — primarily capitalism. Trump is their worst nightmare. With Trump on the stump, the Left is spooked. With his every victory, you will see a corresponding escalation in hostility and turmoil and violence. Meanwhile, GOP fat cats  connive and scramble to keep their precious jobs and Conservative purists nitpick over a candidate that doesn’t measure up to their lofty, moral standards of behavior. And the vaunted Media fixate on personalities and politics to boost their ratings.  All the while, America hangs in the balance, teetering at The Tipping Point.


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One Response to Guest post by Dick Toomey.

  1. Malcolm1 says:

    Excellent! “Meanwhile, GOP fat cats connive and scramble to keep their precious jobs and Conservative purists nitpick over a candidate that doesn’t measure up to their lofty, moral standards of behavior.” I keep asking them why they have such high ideals for politicians, higher ideals, it seems than they have for friends, spouses or family.

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