Another heavy blow to global warming alarmists.

Global warming alarmists seem never to be correct. Conversely, evidence that their predictions are built on faulty assumptions grows exponentially.

The latest bit of bad news for them was published recently in the prestigious journal, Nature. Researchers from the University of Minnesota compared 10 North American tree species in different climates. They looked at the result of increasing temperature on plant efficiency. Low and behold – a devastatingly heavy blow to the alarmists. As this University is a haven of “progressivism,” we can be certain the results are not biased toward global warming “deniers.”

Importantly, the amount of carbon dioxide from plant respiration is six-times greater than that released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. So plant respiration is a “big deal” in the global warming argument. It was believed that plant respiration reacts to warming temperature in the following way: a warmer climate, more respiration, and more carbon dioxide. Thus, global warming would exacerbate CO2 emissions from plants as the atmosphere warms.

To prove this “fact” the researchers grew the experimental trees in different temperatures for three to five years. Plants grown in temperatures 3.4°C warmer than average were compared to those grown in modern temperate conditions.

[Source: Plants can adapt to global warming better than expected, by Matt Atherton]

The results show that plants are better at adapting their respiration to warming temperatures than previously thought. The study showed that plants release less carbon into the atmosphere from respiration when they grow up in warmer temperatures.

The study concluded: “Our results demonstrated strong acclimation of leaf respiration to both a +3.4°C warming and seasonal temperature increases, which profoundly reduced plant respiratory carbon loss compared to what would have occurred without acclimation. If our realistic, long-term field results are broadly indicative, they suggest that leaf respiratory acclimation globally may have a larger ameliorating impact than expected on CO2 ...” thus reducing global warming.

Mirabili dictu. The alarmists were wrong, again!

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Another heavy blow to global warming alarmists.

  1. Scott says:

    I went on google and it sent me to pages to remove your site wt

    • Roy Filly says:

      I went to Google, searching under :The Rugged Individualist,” and my website showed up (no.1 position – very proud of that) but I did not see anything about removing my site. How did you find that?

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