Hillary’s fix for Obamacare.

If you listened to Hillary’s nonsensical answer to a voter about the high premiums of Obamacare, she offered a solution. Of course, she also recommended that the individual “just keep shopping.” However, she said she would “fix” Obamacare  by adding “not-for-profit” insurance companies to the mix and complained bitterly that insurers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield switched from “non-profit” to “for-profit” businesses.

Why is that a bad suggestion, ask you? Because, answer I, that was part of the “brilliant plan” for Obamacare. Obamacare funded “not-for-profit” insurance exchanges to hold down costs. Indeed, 23 such exchanges were started and our federal government loaned them $2.4 billion to get started. (Doesn’t Hillary know that?) The remaining 27 states use the federal exchange WHICH IS A NOT-FOR-PROFIT EXCHANGE, as well. (Doesn’t Hillary know that?)

So how is that working out, ask you? Well, answer I, to call it a disaster would be a gross understatement. Of the 23 “not-for-profit” insurance exchanges 12 are now bankrupt. And these received 1.2 billion in loans. How much have they paid back, ask you? Well, let me get out my calculator. Let’s see… carry the one. The answer is zero dollars. How much will they be able to pay back, ask you? Again, the answer is zero dollars. (Doesn’t Hillary know that?)

But, as bad as that is for us taxpayers, they also owe doctors and hospital $1.1 billion. They won’t be paid either! (Doesn’t Hillary know that?)

Too, bad our federal government couldn’t see this coming, say you. Yes, too bad, agree I. But why didn’t they see it coming when these companies exceeded their “worst case financial scenario” by $260 million in 2014! So the Obama administration did what every progressive/statist/altruist administration does when one of their brilliant centrally planned schemes isn’t working out. They ask why this absolutely prefect plan is failing and always come up with the same answer. What is that, ask you? That answer is that we didn’t GIVE THEM EBOUGH MONEY. So they loaned them another $848 million. (Doesn’t Hillary know that?)

At the very beginning of these “not-for-profit” insurance exchanges, Deloitte Consulting evaluated loan applications and business plans submitted by the dozen now defunct co-ops and expressed concerns about their financial future. Deloitte identified issues with the enrollment strategy, incomplete budgets that, among other issues, were misaligned with their own financial projections, “unrealistic” projections for their growth, and flagged issues with the leadership of all 12 failed co-ops (some even failied to identify the members of their senior leadership teams). Who could have predicted this debacle? Anyone with a brain, answer I. (Did Hillary know any of these facts?)

Well, say you, at least the remaining 11 “not-for-profit” insurance exchanges are doing well, are they not? They are not! Of the remaining 11 “not-for-profit” insurance exchanges, 8 are under government oversight. (Doesn’t Hillary know that?)

Hillary supports Obamacare. How is it possible that she suggested a “solution” that has already been tried and failed miserably? The answer is simple. She’s a dolt!

Roy Filly


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7 Responses to Hillary’s fix for Obamacare.

  1. Flayer says:

    And so are her followers.

  2. Edward Gazzano says:

    I thought it was the not-for-profit insurance co-ops that failed, not the exchanges. Isn’t there a difference?

  3. Edward Gazzano says:

    I thought it was the not-for-profit co-ops (insurance companies) that failed, not the exchanges. Are they not two different entities?

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