Obama “feels your pain.”

Americans have yet to recover from the Great Recession. The bottom 90% of working Americans saw their average incomes fall 10.7% to $33,068 in 2014, from $37,017 in 2007. The top 1% fared even worse. The “one percenters” had an average income drop of 19.1% according to an analysis of tax data by Emmanuel Saez (UC Berkeley) and Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics) — so not staunch conservatives.



President Obama wants to share in your pain America – or does he?

[Source: Obama seeks hike in post-presidency payments, by Morgan Chalfant]

President Obama’s budget proposal sought to increase the amount of money the federal government would pay him and spend on other perks upon his White House exit. What an ALTRUIST!

In his budget requests for fiscal years 2016 and 2017, Obama proposed hikes in the appropriations for expenditures that would directly benefit him. Federal benefits offered to former commanders-in-chief by way of the Former Presidents Act, shows that Obama’s 2017 budget proposes an 18 percent hike in expenditures that would directly benefit HIM! He successfully requested an increase in such appropriations for fiscal year 2016.

“The President’s FY2017 budget request seeks… an increase of 17.9% from the FY2016 appropriation level. The increase in requested appropriations for FY2017 anticipates President Barack Obama’s transition from incumbent to former President,” states the Congressional Research Service report recently published.

“For FY2016, President Obama requested and received appropriations… an increase of $25,000 from FY2015 appropriated levels.

I can only think of only one other President for whom I have had such a low regard – and that was William Jefferson Clinton who defiled the Presidency with lies under oath and the sexual abuse of an intern.

And thanks to CAG for alerting me to this.

Roy Filly


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