How stupid the “eggheads” are!

I am aghast at the meanderings of the minds of political pundits during this election cycle. No matter how many times they are dead wrong, they plow forward with the next bit of nonsense that will prove equally WRONG!

Frankly, I very much dislike James Carville. However, when he said, “It’s the economy, stupid!” when describing the mindset of voters in 1992, he hit the nail on the head. Why was a moron like James Carville correct about anything, let alone the mindset of voters in 1992. The answer is simple. Every voter votes in his or her self-interest. IT’S ALWAYS THE ECONOMY!

We now have a pundit proposing yet another ludicrous notion. Costas Panagopoulos, a professor at Yale University, who also teaches at Fordham University, studies voter behavior. He should know of what he speaks. Yet, he has proposed the most preposterous notion yet in this presidential contest.

[Source: Why are voters changing their party affiliation this election cycle? By Rebecca Shabad, CBS News]

Since the beginning of the year, nearing 50,000 registered Democrats in Pennsylvania have switched to the Republican Party and as many as 20,000 Democrats in Massachusetts have done the same. Now, don’t fall out of your chair laughing, when you hear Professor Panagopoulos’ explanation of the phenomenon.

“It’s unclear whether voters are switching parties to vote sincerely or to vote strategically, but we do see evidence that they’re switching… It’s unclear whether people are voting for Donald Trump because they want to vote for Donald Trump, or they’re voting for Donald Trump because he would be a weaker candidate against the Democratic nomineeAnother explanation for at least part of the high numbers changing parties in is that in some states it’s much easier to do so now.”

This is why Bugs Bunny invented the appellation “Ultra Maroon!” This is what left-wing eggheads think – that voters are “strategic.” Well, Professor, at least you are correct about that. The strategy, however, is WHAT IS BEST FOR ME!

Has this man ever seen what college educated “voters” know about political strategy – or politics – or even the nation in which they live? Here’s an example!

The notion that Americans are “planning” their vote as a subterfuge is absurd, ridiculous, farcical, risible, idiotic and asinine! If you read and watched the video on my earlier post from today you already understand that every un-coerced action is self motivated by improving one’s existence. If voters are switching from Democrat to Republican it is because they think it is better for themselves – not for the Democrat Party.

And thanks to FD for bringing this to my attention. I needed a good laugh today!

Roy Filly





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One Response to How stupid the “eggheads” are!

  1. In my opinion, so many of the “pundit” polls are reflective of their desires, according to their perspective. I mean what those so-called pundits “want” and what they believe “could likely be,” according to their establishment ideology. To me, that is as close as I can come to understanding their lack of accuracy of what is really taking place.

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