Hillary to voter: “Just keep shopping!”

OK. This is the worst answer I have ever heard. If you can follow this diatribe you must have a 160 IQ. If you believe the major premise of the answer, revise your IQ downward to about 70. At times I wonder why I am concerned that she can win a general election.

Roy Filly

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5 Responses to Hillary to voter: “Just keep shopping!”

  1. tonyfilly says:

    I’m not backing Trump, but interestingly, she almost has the same answer on health care as he does except with just a lot of extra ridiculous rambling in there…. “I’m going to get more competition in the marketplace.” The reality is, he could probably do it…. Doubt she can…. and by the way, what in God’s name is Hilary wearing. She needs a new fashion consultant!

  2. Pat says:

    That rambling bit of nonsense demonstrates she hasn’t the foggiest idea of what she’s talking about, let alone the complexities of healthcare and economics. Oh, I forgot! She’s a Democrat!

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