Progressive/statist/altruists need to look in a mirror.

As my readers know, I have been “lukewarm” on Mr. Trump to say the least. However, it galls me that the left points fingers at him as the “cause” of the disruptions at his rallies.

Progressive/statist/altruists have been fomenting class war in the United States for decades. Obama, instead of uniting the races, has played “the race card” so many times I do not even have the energy to go back through his administration to count the times. Left wing organizations, like Move-On.Org and Black Lives Matter are front and center in dividing Americans into “armed camps.” For the left, the mantra has been “rich against poor,” “business owner against worker,” “black against white,” “hispanic against white,” “everyone against capitalists,” “women against men,” “deists against atheists,” “the middle class against everyone outside of the middle class,” and now they are doing a credible job with “REPUBLICAN (‘true conservative’) AGAINST REPUBLICAN (not a ‘true conservative’)!”

My friends, the progressive/statist/altruists are the pros from Dover when it comes to controlling the commentary. Of course, that is not overly difficult when 90% of the media accepts left-wing drivel as though it was a biblical exhortation.

Do not let them succeed at their newest effort at class warfare. Do not let them divide the Republican Party. Let’s argue. Let’s choose our candidate. And then, let us come together. No matter where one stands on the “establishment” or “betrayal” or “true conservatism,” Hillary Clinton may be a non-survivable disaster for our great nation.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Progressive/statist/altruists need to look in a mirror.

  1. michael bucalo says:

    The republican party is dividing itself and causing much of the disruptions at Trump’s rallies.

  2. Roy Filly says:

    I have never heard anyone say the disruptions were caused by Republicans. Black Lives Matter, Move-On.Org. Yes, both of those, but not other Republicans.

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