How is the world doing these days?

Sorry to lay this on you on a quiet Tuesday morning. However, a brief look around the world shows what a weak US President can accomplish in 7 short years.

[Source: The World Is Getting Worse, But This Time America Won’t Save It, by Dennis Prager]

We watch as slaughter in vast numbers occurs around the world. The Syrian Center for Policy Research puts the civilian death toll in the Syrian “civil war” at 470,000. Refugees running from the slaughter are too numerous to count, but the United Nations has identified 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance, of which 6.6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and over 4.8 million are refugees outside of Syria. And that is just Syria.

Over the last 12 months global deaths from terrorism have risen 30 per cent compared to the previous five-year average. These figures are tracked by Maplecroft’s Terrorism and Security Dashboard (see below). According to the dashboard, Iraq has endured the highest number of attacks in the last year with 3,158 incidents, while terrorism in Nigeria is the world’s deadliest, recording the highest number of deaths per attack, with an average of 24.


We never heard the title Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant before Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States. This evil organization now controls territories from Afghanistan to West Africa. Libya is in the process of being added to that list. And other sadistic Islamist movements hold additional territory. God help us if they truly are only a “JV Team” as our stalwart President proclaimed as recently as September 2014.

I believe that the vast majority of Muslims do not support radical Islamists. However, according to Pew Research, a minority of 10 percent of world Muslims do have a favorable opinion of the Islamic State and terror against civilians. That calculates to approximately 120 million people. The population of Germany at the outset of World War II was a mere 69 million. The German Army had only 20 million soldiers. When it was over 65 million were dead.

The Iranian regime has just increased the reward it will give to anyone who murders Indian novelist Salman Rushdie, is increasing its repression at home, now has more than a hundred billion additional dollars to spend on terror and regularly calls for the annihilation of Israel and the USA. As well, our President’s latest “legacy” (his pride abounds) virtually assures that this maniacal regime will soon have nuclear weapons.

North Korea just announced that it plans to target the United States and South Korea with nuclear weapons. And, during the Obama administration, they managed to develop the missiles that will allow them to potentially accomplish this goal.

A war that had already been won in Iraq, was given away by a President whose State Department (run by Hillary Clinton) could not manage to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with a nation we had just conquered! How is that even possible unless by design?

Russia just supplied Iran with the most powerful anti-aircraft weapons in the world (other than our own, thank God). This makes a successful air attack on Iran very difficult and will cost American pilots their lives. Obama thinks it was a bad idea for Russia to do this and the verdict of history will eventually show it was a mistake. What an “ultra-maroon!” as Bugs Bunny would have said.

Russia is led by a former KGB agent. His plan is to replace American influence with Russian influence wherever possible. And, thus far, he has been allowed to do so by our current American President. We did not even send weapons to Ukraine. The reasoning behind this eludes me!

Let’s think now. Upon which world leader has President Obama paraded his greatest vitriol? Our President’s primary foe seems to be the prime minister of Israel, even though the prime minister’s country happens to be the freest, most moral and most pro-American country in the Middle East. However, our President is all “buddy, buddy” with the Communist Castro brothers.

The commander of the U.S. Pacific Command recently told Congress “that China is clearly militarizing the South China Sea,” in order to gain “hegemony in East Asia.”

Cuba now has American recognition, and as a direct result has felt free to increase its subjugation of the Cuban people. In January, the Cuban regime arrested 1,414 political dissidents, the second-most ever recorded. It will be rewarded by a visit from President Obama.

United States universities, a scorecard:

  • are being taken over by a fascistic expression of leftism.
  • Student thugs take over administration offices with impunity
  • Students shout down speakers with whom they differ, and many faculty members support them. And, worst of all, they do it in the name of “diversity” and “tolerance.”
  • At UCLA one doesn’t have to read a single play by Shakespeare in order to receive a degree in English.
  • College students today are fully indoctrinated regarding “White Privilege,” “systemic racism,” “income inequality,” “homophobia,” “hate speech,” and “climate change.”

Our hopes that a black American president would unify the races have been completely dashed. Instead, he has overseen the greatest rift between the races since the Rodney King riots. He has managed, however, to foment an increasingly lethal war on police that has led many officers to minimize proactively policing largely black areas.

We have a contest between two socialists in the Democrat primary. Both have contempt for capitalism, the only economic system that has ever lifted large swaths of humanity out of poverty.

Many presidential campaigns have had as the slogan, “You are worse off now than you were four years ago.” Today, no one can deny that the world is the worse from the administration of Barack Hussein Obama. Dear fellow Republicans, do not let your anger and disappointment with Washington politics allow Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States. We simply cannot afford four more years of Obama policies or worse.

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3 Responses to How is the world doing these days?

  1. WRONG on at least one point — the vast majority of desert monkeys DO in fact support terrorists!

  2. trailbee says:

    How about Saudi Arabia?

  3. Peter Cooperberg says:

    And India, I heard had the highest numbers since 9/11

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