Republicans! Take a deep breath in through your mouth and let it out slowly through your nose!

Dear Fellow Republicans,

Sit on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, make sure that your spine is upright with head up. Take a deep breath in through your mouth and let it out slowly through your nose! Chant, “Om.”

For the love of the Maker, let’s all calm down. Do members of the Republican Party no longer believe in the vote? We are barely to the middle of the Primary process. There is a long way to go!

It has finally dawned on me what it is we are seeing happen in this election cycle. From where did all this anger arise? Why do I despise the way Obama runs our government? Why do I think Harry Reid is evil incarnate? Why would I rather cut off my right arm than see another Clinton in the White House?

The Democrat Party has fanned the flames of class warfare and divisions between races and religions for so long that the chickens finally have come home to roost! This is the great danger of employing class warfare as a means of achieving political ends! Let’s be smarter than them and let the Democrats wallow in class hatred while we Republicans reap the benefits of their misguided efforts to set Americans at each others throats.

How else could a socialist like Bernie Sanders be garnering more campaign donations than Hillary Clinton? Why else would members of the Grand Old Party, the Party of Lincoln and Reagan, be at each others throats?

The Republican Party will emerge stronger from this debate, not weaker. Look where we are. Lest you forget, we started this race with 16 candidates. No. That is a wrong statement. We started this race with 16 very strong candidates:
















If we find ourselves now selecting between Cruz and Trump, IT IS BECAUSE WE ARE FOLLOWING THE DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLE OF VOTING!

This year’s GOP primary was the largest field of candidates the Party has seen compete for the nomination in 100 years. The last time there were more candidates was 1916, when there were 17 GOP contenders who received at least one delegate in the first round of balloting at the national convention (and that was the era of “favorite sons”).

Personally, I would have preferred Walker or Perry or Kasich, but by the time I get a chance to vote, they will already be long gone. So be it. I will vote for one of the remaining candidates.

And I will vote for that winning candidate in the general election. I will exhort my fellow Republicans to go to the polls in record numbers – not stay way “because our little, itty bitty feelings are hurt!”  (Oh, no! There are “RINOs” and “establishment” Republicans in our Party. I can’t sleep at night! Come on people! Show a little backbone!)

Hillary Clinton, without question, will be a disaster for this country. Perhaps Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will also be a disaster – but the Clinton disaster is assured. The Trump/Cruz disaster is only a possibility!

And, by the by, if we could survive 8 years of Barack Obama, we can survive 8 years of Donald Trump.

(Oh, Boy! I am certain this post will reward me with a ton of vindictive emails and comments. So be it. I needed to say it.)

Roy Filly



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16 Responses to Republicans! Take a deep breath in through your mouth and let it out slowly through your nose!

  1. The raging anger now being expressed by Republican voters is the result of the abandonment, by the Republican Party’s leadership of the goals and aspirations of the voters who put them in power. If an “establishment pick” wins the nomination, the Republican Party will go down to an historic defeat. No third party will be necessary to bring about this result. When Romney proved such an ineffective candidate, millions of Republican voters, a large portion of the party’s base just did not come out and vote for him. It will be true in spades if the “establishment” picks the nominee. The anger by Republicans is at Republicans. “The revolution is eating its young.”

  2. Dick Toomey says:

    Good for you, Roy. Let the people decide. Get behind whoever wins and the GOP — not necessarily the power brokers of the GOP — becomes stronger and a force to be reckoned with indefinitely. The vituperation aimed at Trump reminds me of how those who lost everything in the ’29 crash must have felt — some chose to end it all rather than lose power. There has never been a more massive circling of the wagons as we’re witnessing today. If Trump or Cruz happens to win, I don’t think the leaders of the Establishment have to worry about Madame DeFarge rounding them up for a trip to the “National Razor.”

    • Roy Filly says:

      It won’t be a “Madame DeFarge” moment, but I assure you they are getting the message that Republicans are fed up with “business as usual.” Also, I still believe in Paul Ryan.

  3. trailbee says:

    You are 100% spot on! Yes, we can withstand/endure/put up with 8 years of The Donald.
    I am so tired of people viciously denouncing any candidate they don’t agree with. Why continue to spout the same old rhetoric? Say it politely and then be still. We all get it! I no longer read certain of my all-time favorite blogs. My stomach cannot afford it. My soul has been battered to death.
    The fanned flames by the media and by Townhall have made me realize one thing, which is that they will incite, without solving the problem – because they can’t.
    I am not staying home, no matter what or who is on the ballot. Hillary, even for one day, would be a devastation we cannot allow.

  4. Flayer says:

    Nothing distresses me more than so-called Conservatives/Republicans who say they will “refuse to vote for ______” if he/she is nominated. That is not much better than “I’ll vote for Hillary if _____ Republican is the nominee.” They are just brats and stupid brats at that, who console themselves with their high ideals. Those estimated 4 million who stayed home in 2012 have a lot of apologizing to do. And they can take a long walk on their short moral high ground. Many seem to hold politicians in such esteemed positions and expect more from them than what they willingly accept from their own friends, spouses and family members. These candidates are politicians, for goodness sakes! You won’t even agree with yourself 100% of the time.

  5. Roy Filly says:

    Obama was too big a price to pay for holding one’s “morals” aloft for all your fellow “true” conservatives to see.

  6. michael bucalo says:

    Both parties show they are only interested in staying in the bacon wrapped shrimp club, keeping their jobs, keeping their power. Super delegates for the dems. And for the grand old power grabbers represented by the failed former candidate, Mitt Romney, went so far as to talk about an independent ticket–a ticket that would ensure the win of Hilary. But it isn’t about winning the presidency or putting justices on the high court, but staying in the bacon wrapped shrimp club. Several republican establishment insiders talked today on Fox as trying to stop the hostile take over of the party by Trump. Excuse me. Are we, the people, the hostile take overs who voted for Trump? They also talked about having more caucuses and fewer open primaries to have more control of the outcome in the future. Trump,whom attended Wharton with me, is the only plausible candidate standing among the 17. I am thoroughly disgusted with this corrupt party. The GOP is cannibalistic voraciously eating itself and deserves to lose. I hope they do.


    • Roy Filly says:

      Your anger is justified. Splitting the party will, in the future, only add to your anger.

      • michael bucalo says:

        Anger is not an accurate description, the party is not reflecting the will of the people it is no longer a democracy , its a dictatorship and needs to be dissolved.
        Beverly Bucalo

  7. Dad says:

    Roy, you and I remember the old days when you may have had one or more drinks and had to go somewhere that behavior was not acceptable (like to a girl’s home to meet her mother!). We would pop some Sen Sen in our mouth to take away the undesirable taste. So it is with this election and whoever the Republican candidate is…if your candidate isn’t the pick, and the successful man leaves a bad taste in your mouth, deal with it and then go out and vote for him!

  8. Roy Filly says:


    We won’t accomplish that by electing Hillary! The “plan” cannot be as simple as “dissolve” the Republican Party.


  9. michael bucalo says:

    Simple is effective production and winning.

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