All but three.

All but three religions favor the Democrat Party. What is up with that?


Roy Filly


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5 Responses to All but three.

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    Pretty certain Episcopalian’s come down on the DEM side as well. Presbyterians and other Protestant denominations not listed?

  2. Pat says:

    Having studied world religions, including various major religion’s cults and sects, none of those percentages surprise me!

  3. Stuart says:

    Hi Roy – kudos to you for your continued work to enlighten your readers! This doesn’t pertain directly to your latest blog above but in case you didn’t see it today, former Treasury official Bruce Bartlett just published this op-ed. From my perch it really sums up the current state of affairs with the GOP, and while some may think it is tongue in cheek, I couldn’t agree more with Bruce.

    all the best, Stuart W

  4. Roy Filly says:

    Thanks for sharing, but is the commentator really serious when he says the Democrat Party is “centrist?” Give me a break. Democrats have been voting in droves for a Socialist.

    • Stuart says:

      Well considering he worked for both Reagan and Bush, I don’t know why he would sugar coat his description of the Democrat party. Of course, Obama should be viewed to the left of Bill Clinton but I appreciate the effort of Mr. Bartlett to keep the conversation grounded instead of using polarizing rhetoric. When viewing the U.S. Democrat party against the many authentic and self-proclaimed Socialist governments around the world, the Dems are just noise. Even if Bernie Saunders gets in, what he could actually, pragmatically, get done to move the needle (beyond all the left-sounding rhetoric and vitriol) is questionable..

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