Everyone’s talking Trump/Cruz/Rubio, but there are other important things.

The Super Tuesday primary elections were certainly interesting. The pundits are out in force. The fact that they have been wrong in their predictions on countless occasions in this presidential election season does not stop them from trying to be wrong again.

However, there are other important things happening under the radar that only scans for Trump/Cruz/Rubio. For example, the Obama administration is throwing out basic competency tests in hiring air-traffic controllers so they can diversify the field. Now that is a truly insane notion.

I do not fear flying. But I am afraid of people like our President. Decreasing the competence of our air-traffic controllers is a dangerous undertaking.

[Source: The quota-driven drive to make flying more perilous, by William Perry Pendley]

[From the Pendley article] Take the case of Andrew Brigida… Brigida’s family moved to Arizona, where he attended Arizona State University. He signed up for the university’s air-traffic-controller major. In May 2013, he earned two aviation-related B.S. degrees and took the demanding, eight-hour computer-based Air Traffic Selection and Training
exam; he scored 100 percent.

ASU sent his name to the FAA with a recommendation that he be hired.

Then he waited. And waited. In late January 2014, he received an e-mail. “Dear Applicant,” it read, “The [FAA] is implementing changes to improve and streamline the selection of [air-traffic controllers]. Your standing in our current applicant inventory is being impacted by these changes.

“Specifically, the current applicant inventories, including your application, are in the process of being closed and will no longer be utilized . . . Any prior application that you submitted will no longer be considered.”

The FAA invalidated his test scores which would otherwise have been good for three years. Worse, he wasn’t alone. Between 2000 -3000 highly qualified applicants got similar letters and their names were “purged” by the FAA.

The FAA has found it expedient to abandoned a decades-old, rigorous hiring process. [From the Pendley article] Beginning in 1995, the feds collaborated with universities and colleges to create accredited degree programs, such as the one at ASU where Brigida graduated. Thereafter, the FAA gave a hiring preference to veterans, those with CTI program degrees, references from administrators, and high test scores.

The change came after an all-but-unnoticed announcement by President Obama’s new FAA head Michael Huerta, in May 2013, of his intent to “transform” the agency “into a more diverse” workplace.
 That was accompanied by a suspect analysis that purported to show women and minorities as “underrepresented.”

In December 2013, the FAA began its new hiring process, discarded its long use of the difficult cognitive-assessment test, and implemented instead a new, unmonitored, take-home personality test — a Biographical Questionnaire.

Among other questions, it asked: “The number of high school sports I participated in was?” “How would you describe your ideal job?” “What has been the major cause of your failures?” “More classmates would remember me as humble or dominant?”

Apparently it still didn’t get the desired results; Fox News reported FAA officials helped selected applicants cheat. The FAA not only tossed aside its preference for trained and qualified air-traffic controllers, it also opened the position to “off the street hires,” any English-speaking citizen with a high-school diploma.

My friends, these “altruistic” morons are playing with your life, and the game is stacked against you. These people do understand how to fly beneath the radar – although soon, none of them will understand WHAT RADAR IS!

Pay attention.

Roy Filly



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