A guest post: Discrimination.

Dear Readers,

Occasionally I read a post on another blog site and wish I had written it myself. The following post by Dick Toomey can be found on his website. I am confident you will enjoy it – his acerbic comments hold one of the most precious of things; a modicum of truth. And thanks to Dick for allowing me to re-post this on The Rugged Individualist.

Roy Filly


Somewhere in America, some people have no axe to grind and no bone to pick. They belong to no activist movement. They lobby for no special attention. They go about their lives unnoticed, trying to make a life, getting things done, unobserved, under the radar. They don’t hate their jobs and don’t hate their employers. They have political opinions they never express publicly — only at the ballot box. They were fondly and  commonly called the Silent Majority. They are still silent, but no longer a majority. Their numbers have been dwindling, replaced by affiliations, alliances, clubs, coalitions, federations, gangs, leagues, syndicates, unions and other special interest organizations. These organizations and the people they represent do have axes to grind and bones to pick. They are the dissatisfied. Their chief complaint is discrimination. They feel unaccepted, victimized by bigotry, intolerance, inequity, injustice and prejudice. They are American Women, African Americans, Latin Americans, Arab Americans (Muslims), Native Americans, the LGBT Community, Jews, Atheists, Illegal Immigrants and others. Each of these groups is represented by several National Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) that speak for them. You assume these groups are in business to assign blame to the Discriminators and seek some type of redress. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a published list of Discriminators. Who are they? Against all odds, through a brilliantly executed process of elimination, you are able to expose, once and for all, these detestable culprits — none other than white Christian men of European descent, the ancestors of America’s lily white Founding Fathers. Get rid of white Christian men and discrimination would instantly and forever pass into history. African Americans would instantly excel and succeed. African American law enforcement would put an end to violent black death at the hands of white racist cops. Getting rid of filthy rich white men would eliminate income inequality, and thus, poverty. Women finally would rule the workplace. Harvesting baby body parts would become a thriving industry. The LGBT community would grow and prosper as a mainstream lifestyle. Latin Americans could cross the Southern border without interference or recrimination. In the spirit of multiculturalism, Muslims would be free to bring their religious practices and Sharia law to their restricted neighborhoods. And wars would end. But eliminating Christian white men doesn’t square with reality. Deporting all white Christian males doesn’t seem a reasonable solution to the discrimination problem. Nor is it feasible that discriminated victims could emigrate to countries that have no white Christian males. This conundrum will require impeccable leadership — someone who despises white men — someone who first-hand has experienced abuse at the hands of a white male — someone who could motivate Christian white men to voluntarily flee the American scene as fast as possible. And if that fails, she can talk discrimination to death.


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2 Responses to A guest post: Discrimination.

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  2. Anne says:

    And yet, they ALL love to take the money that Christian white males of European descent have generated by their values of hard work, family and morality. I guess they don’t hate them enough.

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