Finally. Definitive proof that we should not let government spend our money!

Is it possible for government to be more moronic than this?

Washington, District of Columbia has a new street car. Electric streetcars were once the chief mode of public transit in hundreds of our cities. They were largely replaced by “light rail” in the mid to late twentieth century. But modern Washington has a new one!

Here are a few statistics that represent unassailable proof that allowing government to spend our money is insane:

  • Cost more than $200 million.
  • Nine years behind schedule.
  • No one rides it! It has been going merrily back and forth along a test track WITHOUT PASSENGERS for TWO YEARS.
  • DC spent $48.8 million on an elaborate “Car Barn” for the streetcars (between three and four times what other cities paid for similar “car barns”).
  • It was supposed to encompass 22 miles but was cut back to just seven miles. ($28 million per mile – and still nine years behind schedule!)
  • The first 2.2 miles are still not open.

But here is the final insult to our intelligence. The District decided to pay for a video to… you will never guess in a million tries. The video shows us how to ride a streetcar. (It’s no wonder that DC Mayor Marion Barry had to take cocaine every day to keep from going insane running a City like this!)

The video is too long, but watch the whole thing.

And the source for this is none other than Pravda on the Potomac (otherwise known as the Washington Post). The Washington Post loves government – as long as that “government” is led by the Democrat Party. If the Washington Post thinks that a Democrat Party project is insane, then IT IS INSANE!

[Source: New video showing how to ride a trolley will definitely not make D.C. a nationwide laughingstock, by Alexandra Petri]

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