Let’s look at those evil billionaires.

Allow me to take a look at those rotten billionaires that steal money out of your pocket and put it in their bank accounts. Let’s grab those criminals and beat them senseless!

We can begin with the richest man and woman in the world. They are Bill Gates and J. K. Rowling.

Wait. I’m trying to remember when Bill Gates hacked my Band of America account and stole my money. Hmm! Actually, as I recall now, I gladly handed over my money to him purchasing every upgrade to Microsoft Office. Come to think of it, I earned tens of thousands of dollars giving PowerPoint lectures and someone paid all my expenses to give them in spectacular venues. When I calculate, I find that my purchases of Gates’ Microsoft Office netted me a rather large sum of money and travel excursions that would be the envy of most. That b*st*rd!

Also, it turns out that Gates, the evil, corrupt, iniquitous, S.O.B., is giving away 99% of his vast wealth. (Is Bernie giving away 99% of his wealth?)

Have you noted how carefully Gates gives his money away? He chooses outstanding projects and carefully monitors their success. Would his donations have been better spent if he let the federal government “redistribute” his money?

And please remind me, who is Gates backing in this presidential contest? There is no indication that Bill Gates has endorsed a 2016 presidential candidate. Judging from past elections, he is not likely to publicly endorse anyone on either side. He never has. So, Bernie, is the richest billionaire in the world “buying” our election?

And what about J. K. Rowling? As far as I can remember she didn’t hold a gun to my head to force me to buy and read the Harry Potter novels, to see them in the movies, or to purchase the DVDs so that I could watch them over and over again. She must be able to do that that thing with The Force – “these are the books you are looking for.” Unlike Gates, she is political. However, she donates all of her money to the British Labour Party – an ultra-left-wing organization! Also, she has made her views of the American election public. “I want a Democrat in the White House.” I don’t plan to throw out my Harry Potter DVDs. She’s entitled to her opinion. And, by the by, Rowling’s charitable giving (and taxes) that have knocked her back into the millionaires’ club, according to Forbes.

[Source: Bernie Sanders is Not a Social Democrat; He’s a Marxist, by John C. Goodman]

If we look down the list of the 400 richest Americans, it is remarkable that 69% are self-made. They started with virtually nothing and became billionaires. How did they do it? Jeff Bezos founded Amazon. Sergey Brin created Google with Larry Page. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. Phil Knight created Nike. And so on.

No one requires you to use Facebook or to wear Nike sneakers. And no one has to use the Google search engine. All of these people got rich by meeting our needs better than other people could meet our needs… Almost all American billionaires are philanthropists. At last count, 141 of them have pledged to give half their wealth away. 

But, Bernie will require you to cough up your hard earned money and give it the federal government for redistribution – a la Denmark, his favorite nation – but does Denmark echo his rhetoric (footnote). Bret Stephens summed up Bernie’s message nicely, “The Vermont socialist preaches class hatred to crowds besotted by the politics of envy.”

The coded message is: if you lost your job, if your wages have been stagnant, if you have trouble making ends meet – it’s not your fault; it’s the fault of “billionaires.”

Roy Filly


[From the Goodman article]

When is the last time you were in Denmark? Or Norway? Or Sweden?

If you have had the pleasure of visiting these lovely places you may have noticed something really odd. Nobody there talks the way Bernie Sanders talks.

Sanders frequently points to northern European countries, especially Denmark, as examples of how he would like to remake the United States economy – by which he mainly means higher taxes and more social services. But the main difference between the tax systems of the US and Denmark is not high taxes on the rich. It’s higher taxes on the middle class.

By and large, people in Denmark do not demonize the rich. They don’t think that successful people are the reason why average incomes aren’t higher. Nor are they clamoring to confiscate the wealth of those at the top of the income ladder.

Take inheritance taxes. The US has higher estate taxes than virtually any country in Europe. According to the Tax Foundation, our top estate tax rate is 40%. In the Netherlands it’s 20%. In Denmark it’s 15%. In Norway and Sweden, there is no estate tax!




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