Joke of the day – but not really a “joke.”

I must admit to being a bit of a science nerd, ergo, I am posting the following “joke.” The reason for the quotation marks is that the “joke” is a bit too close to reality.

In Chaos Theory, the butterfly effect is the name given to the sensitive connection between initial conditions in which an insignificant event in one state in non-linear systems, can result in sometimes catastrophic events in the universal state.

In other words, although unlikely, it is possible for a butterfly flapping its wings in Texas to cause a typhoon in the Japanese Sea.

Case in point, in mid-20th Century America, an 18 year old hippie freshman in a Honolulu college had sex with an older, alcoholic Kenyan on a student visa, who had a wife and child back in Africa. And this less than significant event started the collapse and dissolution of the United States of America.

God save the United States of America – 271 days and counting.

And thanks to BL for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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One Response to Joke of the day – but not really a “joke.”

  1. Agent Orange says:

    Or another case in point — in late 19th-century Austria, a customs inspector had sex with his housekeeper wife, and this led to the most devastating conflict so far in human history!

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