Oh, Boy! We’re number one!

What does this say about our primary schools, the “teachers” union, “progressive” and bilingual education, “no child left behind,” and Common Core “standards?”


We were better off when the the good sisters at Saint Clare School were rapping my knuckles with a ruler if I answered incorrectly! Somehow I was undamaged and actually learned math skills.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Oh, Boy! We’re number one!

  1. trailbee says:

    It says that the administrators of our schools are getting paid too much, and good teachers are being victimized by their employers. I didn’t learn to love math until I was 36! That is way too late! Unfortunately, nothing is going to change for the better in the near future.
    It says that graph is a real embarrassment. Ouch!

  2. jagpald says:

    There are three kinds of people that can do math: those that can and those that can’t.

    I remember having to solve word math problems in school. “The bus drives down the street and picks up three passengers at each stop. If the bus has five stops how many persons are picked up?” Today’s answer involves the passenger’s race and gender, if they get to sit or must stand, where and how they sit, if they feel included by the others on the bus. and if the bus is “green”. No longer is any answer right or wrong as long as you feel you tried your best to answer and you can show the work done to get your answer.

    One of the reasons Bernie is doing so well. Sheesh this is scary.

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