IQ Test Competition: Bernie v Stump.

Socialists seem to have some holes in their education. Senator Bernie Sanders doesn’t believe “Americans should have to work overtime to feed their families.” He tweeted “in the richest country in the history of the world, people shouldn’t have to be working 50 or 60 hours a week to put food on the table.”

First, I have never met an American worker who didn’t relish “overtime work.” Their pay typically increases 50% during those hours worked as “overtime.” And the “putting the food on the table” remark shows that he has no concept of who typically needs to “work overtime.” The “overtime worker” is not having a problem “putting food on the table,” Bernie! You need to read your own left-wing research data.

[Source: As Usual, Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About, IBD Editorial]

According to data from the left-wing Center for American Progress, professional men are the most overworked. As a physician, I can vouch for that. Almost 40% of professionals work more than 50 hours per week. Middle-income men are the next most common demographic that work more than 40 hours per week with nearly 25% of them putting in more than 50 hours per week. They aren’t doing this to “put food on the table.” They do it because it enhances the lives of their families and it is a sacrifice they are willing to make. The trouble with socialists is that they don’t believe in sacrifice (and they certainly don’t believe in accuracy). And, by the by, Bernie and Hillary, a principal reason there is a disparity in the “pay” of men versus women is to note that the overwhelming number of Americans working “overtime” are MEN!

Socialists need to pay attention to the world around them and realize that the targets of their plunder are the people who actually DO THINGS! They are the people who build things. They are the people who produce things. They are the CEOs and executives who start and run successful companies. They are the Elon Musks who put privately produced rockets into space. They are doctors who will keep you healthy or save your life, Bernie. Whose money are you going to steal and “redistribute” if you discourage these movers and shakers from “working overtime?” The Americans who work “overtime” are frequently the “rich who need to pay their fair share!”

Nor am I disparaging lower income workers who may work less “overtime,” but often work two jobs to improve their families lives. I cannot count the times I have walked around the hospital late at night and admired the janitors and clerks who have these mind-numbing jobs but dutifully perform them because they love their families and are willing to sacrifice to improve their lot in life. Many with whom I have spoken have another mind-numbing job in the daytime. I would think to myself, “Yes, I am working long hours, but at least my job is mentally stimulating.”

And finally, the progressive/statist/altruists, in general, need to realize that Americans aren’t working too many hours. They are working too few. Why? Because of the “programs” and “policies” they think are “good for America.” In 1950, the average U.S. worker worked 38 hours a week. In 2015, that same American worker put in about 34 hours per week. Do some arithmetic, Bernie, and you will see that the average U.S. worker had 217 hours, or about nine days extra time, for leisure or other pursuits in 2015 than they had in 1950. But, unfortunately, also got 4 hours less pay!

As it turns out, the Obama era has produced more Americans than ever who have nothing but leisure time. Roughly 100 million Americans WOULD LIKE TO WORK MORE, not less, Bernie, thanks to OBummer! You want to enhance that number. And, by the by, Bernie, the last time things were this bleak, President Jimmy Carter led the charge!

Bernie Sanders, and frankly, Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be allowed to mop floors, let alone run the largest economy in the world.

Roy Filly

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