Merry Christmas. Just a few graphs today.

I don’t want to clutter your Christmas with too many words on politics. So just a few graphs.

This website is dedicated to the statement that “Big Government is bad government. It’s axiomatic.” It appears a majority of Americans agree.

The graphs below show that a majority of Americans believe that Big Government is our biggest threat to the future — reasonably impressive in the era of ISIS. These polls weren’t taken by some right wing group. They are Gallup polls and data has been accumulated for decades.


Not surprisingly, the vast Majority of Republicans concur. But you may be surprised to learn that a majority of Democrats also agree with us.


The numbers indicate that Republican presidential candidates should win every time. Why don’t they. I believe the answer is that they can never get the message of conservative government across to the electorate. Instead we scream at the world about guns, marriage, Planned Parenthood, etc. I am not demeaning these issues or implying that you are wrong to be concerned about them. But, they lose elections. 

Roy Filly


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