Obama and war.

Is there a single American who understands what our President thinks of war? Oh, like all Americans, he probably prefers peace to war. However, your enemies decide whether or not there is “peace” – not the President or the populace. It is easier to see the President’s “commitment” to war.

Our President was against the Iraq War. He considered it a distraction from the Afghan War  the “good war,” if you will allow. Now he says we must “degrade and destroy” ISIS. I certainly agree. Let’s look at the graph below and see Obama’s “dollar” commitment to defeating ISIS. How much one is willing to spend is a testament to their commitment.




OK. Did you find the spending on “degrading and destroying” ISIS? Is that a “committed” President who will use every US resource to end the tyranny of ISIS?

The Democrat Party constantly rails against the “costs” of the Iraq and Afghan wars. Our current President spent nearly all of the “treasure” (God, I hate when politicians say, “blood and treasure”) expended on the Afghan War. Here is what he said: “When I came into office, we were still bogged down in Iraq, and Afghanistan had been drifting for a decade. We ended the war in Iraq, refocused our attention on Afghanistan. And we are now in a position where we have met many of the objectives that got us there in the first place.” 

If one looks at the costs of the Iraq and Afghan Wars, they were indeed expensive. Over a 15-year span our Nation devoted nearly $1.6 trillion – a bit over $100 billion per year. Now lets look at Obama administration funding (via deficits) during his tenure to date.



In his very first year as President, Mr Obama nearly matched the entire cost of a decade and a half of both wars in his deficit. But, of course we got “The Stimulus,” and the “Shovel Ready Projects,” and Solyndra. Yeah!

And let me reiterate that Obama spent most of the money in Afghanistan – you know, the “right war.”

But, I digress. I wish to draw your attention back to the President’s financial commitment to the fight against ISIS – the reason I am writing this post. Go back to graph #1, fiscal 2015 and note the “black” portion of the bar. That’s his commitment to fighting ISIS!

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