Ponder these graphs. I offer no conclusions.

Below are two graphs. In the first we see the distribution, by religious affiliation, for American armed forces.


In Graph number 2, I’d like you to pay particular attention to the last column. The US is in a very unenviable position. We are second only to Saudi Arabia! Reducing average American weight could greatly reduce average American expenditures on health care.


Roy Filly


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12 Responses to Ponder these graphs. I offer no conclusions.

  1. Roy Filly says:

    Medicine is the only group that works tirelessly to bring an end to the reasons for its existence.

    • a.lange says:

      You’re not even being facetious, are you? Allopathic medicine only offers palliatives; they are the world’s number one drug pushers. Rather than helping people remedy their heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses, they only alleviate the symptoms, while the underlying reasons people get these, and other diseases, remain. Thus, the dis-ease comes back, even worse than before. Western medicine is excellent for trauma, like gunshots or car accidents. But for degenerative diseases, run, because they will kill you, and cry all the way to the bank. If you really want to learn about how allopathic medicine works, and how to remedy almost any disease, check out the series, The Truth About Cancer. You can still download it as a torrent for free, but it’s well worth the few dollars they want for the series.

  2. Roy Filly says:

    Are you really lecturing a Summa Cum Laude medical school graduate with 46 years of experience about the causes of disease? Perhaps you should look up the following: bacteria, viruses, fungi. Diet won’t stop pneumococcal pneumonia. Penicillin will.

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    • a.lange says:

      Awww, that’s so adorable! I love it when allopaths reference their medical degree or years of “practice” when trying to prove their point. It’s the perfect circular argument. The germ theory of disease is the underlying principle of allopathic medicine, but it’s not correct. The underlying cause of disease is the condition of the “host.” If you do a search for ‘beauchamp (or bechamp) vs. pasteur,’you will find the essential arguments. Here is a link to get you started:
      There are all sorts of germs in our bodies at any given moment, but obviously, not everybody is dropping dead. But if our body becomes weak due to stress – bad diet, mental stress, overwork, drugs, etc.- the ‘bad germs’ will increase in number. Yes, penicillin may kill the bad germs, but the good germs will be harmed also. Also, the underlying cause – stress – is not addressed, thus laying the groundwork for a more serious disease. I know you find this difficult to accept, Roy, but it’s true. You can verify it yourself, just use your God given intellect and common sense. You may require some humility as well, but God gives that as well.

      • Roy Filly says:

        To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, “By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, you keep us in touch with the ignorance of the community.” You lost this argument quite some time ago.

  3. Patrick Lester says:

    A. Lange, get the facts, interview some of the 100’s of thousands of physicians who get up every day to go to the office where overreaching government regulations and rising costs/falling reimbursements which barely cover expenses are the norm, and then are subjected to senseless diatribes like yours. Otherwise, get a life!

  4. Roy Filly says:

    The Native Americans living in the 1500s and 1600s were largely hunters and gathers. They did only a small amount of farming. To say they were “palio” would be an understatement. Then came the Europeans. Among the things they brought with them was the smallpox virus (not with any intention – the word “virus” didn’t exist as viruses weren’t discovered until 1892). Within just a few generations, the continents of the Americas were virtually emptied of their native inhabitants – some academics estimate that approximately 20 million people may have died in the years following the European arrival – up to 95% of the population of the Americas.

    The answer to the question, what disease killed the most humans, is smallpox – not “degenerative diseases.” Smallpox killed far more humans than all wars combined. In just the years between 1914 to 1977 smallpox killed 300 to 500 million people. As late as 1970, smallpox still killed 2 million people annually. It is too bad you and the dentist you think is such a great authority weren’t around to encourage them to eat their curds and whey so such carnage could have been avoided.

    What ended the scourge of smallpox? It was ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE – not a healthy diet!

  5. Patrick Lester says:

    A. Lange: Good try but primative man didn’t get degenerative disease because they died too soon. The life expectancy, once they reached maturity, was age 30-35. The latter was considered ancient. And as far as diets, check out the article in Psychology Today (written so the lay person, like you, can understand it):
    Frederick L. Coolidge, Ph.D. and Thomas Wynn, Ph.D. Frederick L. Coolidge, Ph.D. and Thomas Wynn, Ph.D.
    How to Think Like a Neandertal
    The Truth About the Caveman Diet

  6. Patrick Lester says:

    A. Lange: While Dr. Filly quoted Oscar Wilde above, I’ll paraphrase the quote from the favorite son and philosopher of Oklahoma, Will Rogers, as it pertains to you:
    “There ain’t nothin’ so pitiful as an educated person spoutin’ off in a subject he ain’t educated in”. Get educated, review scientific evidence, and balance the few correct points of your theories with truth. You’ll find it WILL set you free!

  7. For Mr. Lange to opine about allopathic medicine sounds as informed as today’s “liberals” who spout off about the founding fathers of this great nation as if they were nothing but “old white men of privilege.” His illogical and uninformed statements reflect his ignorance of the great profession of medicine. As in all fields of endeavor mistakes happen but the profession as a whole has benefitted mankind more than Mr. Lange wishes to recognize of admit.

  8. Roy Filly says:

    Amen to that. Me Lange will not be “opining” any longer. I have stopped posting on that peculiar website. They were individuals who were trying to be “off the grid.”

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