Are you ready for this global warming alarm?

It’s the deep end of the pool and the global warming alarmists have at long last jumped in. I have posted some of the innumerable ridiculous claims about the terrors global warming alarmists have predicted. Invasion of the alien worms is one of my favorites.

However, now we have “credible” climate scientists telling us that enormous boulders are going to come flying out of the sea. They are not only among the 97% of climate “scientists” that say global warming is “settled science,” but none other than the “Father of Global Warming,” James Hansen, the retired NASA scientist.

How “enormous” are you talking about, ask you? Oh, in the range of 1000 tons, answer I.

[Source: Climate-change warnings include rising seas and wild weather shifts. But giant flying boulders? By Chris Mooney]

[From the Mooney article] Hansen and Paul Hearty — a wiry, hammer-slinging geologist from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington who has joined him here as a guide — have a theory about these rocks. It’s so provocative — and, frankly, terrifying — that some critics wonder whether the man who helped spawn the whole debate about the dangers of climate change has finally gone too far.

The idea is that Earth’s climate went through a warming period just over 100,000 years ago that was similar in many ways to the warming now attributed to the actions of man. And the changes during that period were so catastrophic, they spawned massively powerful superstorms, causing violent ocean waves that simply lifted the boulders from below (and essentially threw them far enough and high enough to land on seaside cliffs).

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. It would be best to begin practicing ducking and weaving so that you may be able to avoid being hit by the boulder pictured below – it happens to be one of the boulders Hansen and Hearty believe flew right out of the ocean, because the Earth’s temperature went up a few degrees Centigrade!

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 6.03.25 AM

Perhaps now it is time to join me and become a “global warming skeptic.”

Roy Filly

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