When will the American people finally say enough to the Nanny State?

Americans want protection. This is one of the true responsibilities of government. That responsibility and the right to act on the behalf of the American people stems from two things. First, the government needs to protect private property rights. Second, each American, indeed each human, has a right to protect him or herself. Because they have that right they can justly assign some or all of that right to government. Humans cannot assign rights they do not possess to government.

Thus, we have Armed Forces, police forces, and a variety of other enforcement agencies. But giving that right in part to our protective services through our duly elected representatives does not mean they should act like boneheads!

Everyone is appalled when some maniac or another decides to take their vengeance on society by shooting up a school. All parents want the school their children attend to be a safe place. But the following show what happens when school officials and police forces jump into the deep end of the pool.

Dan Mitchell, who I usually read because of his knowledge of tax law and appropriate tax policy, is also an adept observer of the margins of governmental sanity.  He keeps certain lists of the craziest things done by our federal and local governments. Some are pretty funny. Others are just pitiful.

Public school policy does not allow students to bring weapons onto school property. That is sound policy. But here is where the “zero tolerance” for weapons at school goes off the rails. The following list was complied by Mr. Mitchell. [Are Government Schools a Form of Child Abuse? by Dan Mitchell]

And the Rugged Individualist gives the top award to the next altruist.

God help this nation.

Roy Filly

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