A very unusual American president.

I do not want to be made dictator. I don’t believe in dictators. I want to bring about change through agreement. If I can’t persuade the public that it is desirable to do these things we have no right to impose them even if we had the power to do it.

Milton Friedman

One of my readers often chides me that my postings only complain about this and that, but that I offer no solutions. Other readers, believe it or not, think that I should run for public office – the Presidency, no less. Fat chance there!

However, I thought about it and decided I would present my “Presidential Campaign Platform” as an answer to both. These are the policies that I believe would advance America and American interests overseas.

The Roy A. Filly, MD Presidential Campaign Platform:

  1. I promise to be a one-term president. No re-election politics will influence a single decision I will make. In fact, politics of any kind (other than as stated herein) will not influence any decisions I make.
  2. I will not judge ideas based on whether they came from the mouth of a liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian. I will judge them solely on the basis of whether they advance the cause of American success.
  3. I have many strong personal opinions regarding “social issues.” My Presidency will not be “about social issues.” I will let States decide what is best for their citizens in this regard and will not add my voice one way or the other.
  4. However, there will be a single criterion by which I will nominate Supreme Court Justices. They must be strict constructionists. Thus, when issues of “social justice” arrive in the Supreme Court, as they necessarily and appropriately will, their merits will be judge based on the wisdom of the Founders.
  5. I will not appoint a single “Czar” and will fire any that are still in service when I arrive in the Oval Office.
  6. On day number 1 in the oval office I will sign 50 new oil leases and 50 new natural gas leases.
  7. I promise to bring gasoline prices down to 2 dollars a gallon by whatever means is necessary.
  8. The top three goals of my administration will be: 1. improve the economy by laissez faire capitalism’s principles; 2.  tax reform – see below; 3. achieve energy independence.
  9. I promise to veto any legislation that increases the size of government.
  10. I promise to eradicate at least 8 Cabinet positions and their respective agencies (footnote 1).
  11. I promise to choose a vice presidential candidate that can lead our nation if needed. If that person is so brilliant and effective that he/she completely overshadows me, then so be it.
  12. I promise to enact my tax reform bill (see footnote 2).
  13. I promise to decimate the number of regulations holding our businesses back. When I destroy federal agencies, their “regulations” will, for the most part die with them. I do believe that regulation is a necessary and appropriate function of the federal government. Any necessary regulations of agencies being removed from government will be transferred to the remaining agencies.
  14. I promise to spend a great deal of time finding the generals and admirals to lead our nation’s armed forces, choosing only the very best – not those that will subscribe to political whims, mine or anyone else’s. I further promise that I will work to give them everything they ask for to protect the American people. Everything. When they state what needs to be done to be victorious, I will stand behind them. I will rebuild the American Navy and Air Force into the scariest military force that Iran, Russia, or China can imagine. Why not add significantly to the Army, ask you? Because, answer I, I do not plan to send soldiers into harms way unless my Generals tell me I absolutely must. I plan to use air and sea power against our enemies.
  15. I will drop a “bunker-buster” bomb on the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran. Ample warning will be given. For those who state that a “bunker-buster” bomb will not “take out” the facility, I plan to drop another into the same hole every week until lava flows out of that hole.  I doubt that anyone will go to work at that facility again.
  16. I will support our allies and thumb my nose at our enemies. I will be bellicose in my attitude to all enemies of America.
  17. I will ask Congress to declare that a state of war exists with any country that sponsors a terrorist attack against America. If there is a successful terrorist attack on America and American citizens are slain the country of origin will be established. I will give the command to destroy every government building that forms “the seat” of that government. A warning will be issued to evacuate those buildings before the bombs explode. “Human shields” will be casualties of war.
  18. I will support all legislation that provides an equal chance to succeed in America, but no legislation that seeks to provide equality of income.
  19. I will lock down the southern American border by whatever means is required. I will create a path to citizenship for those living in America illegally. That path will be rigorous and will not be available to anyone who has previously been imprisoned and will be denied to anyone who is subsequently imprisoned after the process toward citizenship begins.
  20. I will continue to allow foreign students to study in the United States, but will invite those that are the most successful students to stay and become citizens.
  21. Unlike our current President and many that came before him, you can believe to your very core that I will keep every promise I make.

So, let us see if we have this correct in our minds. Dr. Filly, if you were to become president, you would eradicate much of the federal government, ask you? Pretty much, answer I, but there would still be a lot of federal government after all of those agencies were eradicated.

Again from the lips of Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand and Thomas Sowell, my administration would seek to bolster the only functions of government that are necessary and the reason that people need a government in the first place. First, to provide for the common defense. Second, to provide a means to adjudicate disputes. Third, to give every American the opportunity to advance themselves. And finally, to protect individuals from being coerced by others. For the remainder of government, I would seek to decrease its footprint on the throat of America in every way possible to me as President of the United States of Ameica.

Please feel free to comment.

Roy Filly

Footnote 1: These are selected on the basis of Milton Friedman’s advice. Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64mr-cjxZfU

Department of Agriculture – gone

Department of Commerce – gone

Department of Education – gone

Department of Energy – gone (except the portion that deals with defense, which is transferred to the Defense Department

Housing and Urban Development – gone

Department of Labor – gone

Department of Transportation – gone

Department of the Interior – gone (except for the National Park Service)

Environmental Protection agency – gone

Department of Defense – keep

Department of Justice – keep

Department of State – keep

Department of the Treasury – keep

Department of Veterans Affairs – mostly keep, but could be transferred to Defense

Health and Human Services – keep some, but greatly curtail

Footnote 2:

The tax structure I would prefer would be based on a balanced budget amendment. Congress must levy sufficient taxes to pay for everything they wish to do during a given fiscal year. I believe a combination of the “fair” tax and the “flat” tax would be most appropriate. The “fair” tax is a consumption tax, and the “flat” tax is an income tax.

My ten guiding principles:

1. A balanced budget (as required by a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution), unless we are at war. (Going to war requires an Act of Congress as stated in the Constitution and not a Presidential excursion permitted under the War Powers Act).

2. Everyone has “skin in the game” (i.e., everyone pays some taxes – see the single exception below).

3. Tax both income (employing a single tax rate – a Flat Tax) and spending (the FairTax Plan – although modified as appropriate because there will be two forms of taxation instead of only one). The “consumption tax,” I believe, is important to tax the “hidden economy” and income tax “dodgers.” I also propose that there be no income taxes on anyone whose earned income is below the poverty line. Also, if their earned income is below the poverty line they receive a refund for their “consumption” tax (i.e., those at the poverty line or below pay no federal taxes). The consumption tax can only be levied at the point of purchase. No Value Added Tax is permissible. There will be no issue about whether this tax proposal “explodes the budget deficit” or whether it “gives Congress free reign to increase expenditures.” The budget must balance.

4. All forms of Federal taxation are included under this single tax structure (i.e., no payroll taxes). Social security and Medicare taxes all fall under the term “taxes.” All “agency costs” must be considered in the federal budget. We will not add to our debt through federal agencies any longer. The American people will know what their government “costs” in my administration.

5. Reduce or eliminate taxes on saving and investing.

6. Reduce or eliminate corporate taxes.

7. No exemptions, no tax credits, no “nuttin” as my sainted Mother would say. An exemption can be added but only by a super majority vote of both Houses of Congress, and of course, the budget must still balance.

8. Only the consumption tax can be raised if more money for new programs is necessary. The single income tax rate can never be raised or divided into “progressive” rates. This means that no politician can play one “constituency” against another. Every constituency will pay this tax. Thus every politician will face their elctorate knowing they have increased everyone’s taxes.

9. Any increase in the consumption tax requires a super majority vote.

10. If these will not produce adequate revenue and no tax increase is deemed appropriate, then any deficit must be solved by reduced expenditures.


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6 Responses to A very unusual American president.

  1. Roy Filly says:

    From Barry Mahony:

    Hey Roy,
    I am thrilled that you have presented your Presidential Campaign Platform and I look forward to your selection of a Vice-President running mate.
    As always, great work!

    My reply:
    Thanks, Barry. The Vice Presidential short list contains Condoleezza Rice, General David Petraeus, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Senator Tom Coburn as possibles. Other possibles include Governor Mitch Daniels, Governor Scott Walker, Governor Bobby Jindal and Governor John Kasich.

  2. Jim Peterson says:

    I especially like platform points 6,7,8,14,15 & 17.

    Another common sense, simple and pragmatic approach to ‘righting’ the “listing” ship, USS America. You GO, Dr. Filly!

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